Unique Teak Cutting Boards That Everyone Should Buy in 2022

Apart from being stylish, teak cutting boards are an everyday essential for kitchens in homes and hotels. For all the chefs out there, mark my words, teak boards are a must own cooking equipment for old times sake. They have been here since centuries but certainly make a graceful place in the modern kitchens as well. Whether you want teak butcher block cutting board or a fruit or veggie cutting plate made from hardwood like teak, these boards are sure to win your heart.

List of the best teak cutting board to own in 2022:

The GALA Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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    The GALA, Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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The 18 x 12 inches thick cutting board is synonymous to sturdiness and definitely looks like a handsome piece making its presence felt on the kitchen countertop. It can easily double up as a veggie and fruit cutting board to a teak butcher block cutting board with the kind of thickness and size that it flaunts. Moreover, the juice grooves on the edges simplifies cleaning and you can easily focus on the cutting job. It has indents on the sides to give grip for effortlessly lifting it up. Made from premium grade Indonesian teak wood, this is the best teak cutting board to own in 2022.

The DEN, End Grain Teak Butcher Block, Extra-THICK

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    The DEN, End Grain Teak Butcher Block, Extra-THICK (18 x 12 x 2.25)

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If you are into thick wooden cutting boards then this 18 x 12 x 2.25 inches piece is the best teak cutting board for you. Ideal for heavy duty cutting like meat and other stuff, this cutting board is pure robustness. Made from eco-friendly Indonesian teak wood, the end grain teak butcher block cutting board is designed to keep away from warping or splitting. Being an end grain board, it guarantees to be soft on the knife blades. It is complete value for money and definitely a must-buy for everyone who likes strong, heavy teak cutting boards.

The LEIF, Extra-Large Teak Cutting Board (24 inch)

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    The LEIF, Teak Cutting Board Extra-Large (24 inch)

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This spacious cutting equipment is best suitable for everyone who has a big kitchen countertop. Whether its about home kitchen or hotel place with chefs on duty, this is one of the best teak cutting boards. If you love space while cooking and do not want your veggies and meat pieces to jump here and there during chopping then this piece will work like magic for you. Made from 100% sustainable Indonesian teak wood, this 24” x 18” x 1.75” cutting board is for solid chopping. Easy to wash and donned with food grade mineral oil, this teak wood chopping board will certainly be an owner’s pride.

The MODI, Teak Countertop 1.5 Inch Thickness

The biggest benefit of owning a reasonably thin cutting board is the ease of cleaning, lifting and handling the board. Made from premium grade teakwood, the board is 1-1.25 inch thick and 25 by 12 inch in size. With a finishing that can deck up any kitchen space, this one is definitely for the keeps. It can also be used as a trivet for hot food and kettles. Use it for dishing exotic dry food and it doubles up as a platter as well. If you are into hygiene, regular cleaning of kitchen equipment then this teak chopping board is highly recommended for you.

The DIDYMA, Cutting Board with Sorting Compartment

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    The DIDYMA, Cutting Board with Sorting Compartment

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A slight deviation from teak, this walnut cutting board with juice grooves and compartments is perfect for those who love to host parties. It is again a great kitchen accessory for someone who likes to style up the kitchen with good-looking equipment. The 1.5 inches thick board is made of high-quality Turkish walnut wood with a design that will last for years without warping or cracking. Both the sides work well for cutting but the side with grooves and compartments is best to work as a presentation plate. Your guests will love this multipurpose kitchen accessory, which will simplify your chopping as well as plating tasks with absolute finesse. It is definitely an ideal gift for chefs and people who love cooking. To sum up, if you are looking for the best teak cutting boards to own in 2022 then this list will help big deal. Moreover, TeakCraftUS offers an exclusive range of all these wooden cutting boards with complete manufacturing guarantee.