A Detailed Guide on How to Clean and Maintain Your Teak Shower Mat

Teak shower mat is a priced possession as it gives a luxurious ambience to the shower space. However, the tough part is in taking care of this royal looking furniture and to keep it looking the same for many years to come. The idea is to buy teak furniture which stays fresh as golden, honey in color. The question is how to maintain that natural honey brown color? Let us check that out here and now!

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Steps for cleaning a teak shower mat:

Go for professional help!

You can definitely find premium grade teak cleaners available in the market. Just choose a brand with a reputation of being a good cleaner along with keeping the tint of the teak as it is. Even there are professionals who clean up the furniture and oil it well to keep it looking new. Search on the internet, find an expert for cleaning teak shower mat and get the job done. Well, as this is a service, you need to pay them back. Instead, you can choose to make teak cleaning solutions at home, use them to clean and maintain the teak furniture.  

Manage with DIY teak cleaning solutions!

One point that needs to be noted here is that do not be aggressive on teak furniture. Make sure that the chemicals or detergents used are gentle on the wood. As a heads up, start with mild teak cleaners and if required switch to the harder ones for heavy stains and discoloration. Vinegar with warm water works best in normal cases even if it’s a large teak shower mat. Otherwise, you can make a solution from soap and water, rub it over the mat, rinse it well with water and dry it in the sun or air dry, depending on the weather.

DIY teak cleanser – Mix 1 cup of bleach with 1 cup of detergent with warm water. This home made teak cleaner works wonders in keeping away the stains, discoloration and more. All you have to do is rub the teak furniture with this solution, scrub off the dirt and dust on the top layer. Make sure that the scrubber is a gentle one with complete no to a harsh, hard brush or scrubber. Choose a nylon scrubber to make sure you don’t hurt the outer polish of the teak shower mat.

Heavy stains may need extra chemicals – If you are wondering how to clean teak shower mat with age old stains and over discoloration especially if it is used in the outdoor shower space or near swimming pool then a mix two teaspoons of tri-sodium phosphate with the detergent solution, will do. This particular combination works well in cleaning highly stained furniture as the chemical is an all-purpose heavy-duty cleaner.

How to apply the teak cleaner on teak shower mat?

First of all, get the large teak shower mat out in the garden to wash it easily. Smaller mats can be cleaned in the bathroom itself. Followed by this, use a spray bottle or garden sprayer to spray the teak cleaner over it. Let it stay over the mat for at least fifteen minutes so that it penetrates the outer layer. Use a brush to scrub off the dirt from the top layer.

Rinse off the mat with garden hose so that the water gets sprinkled evenly on the surface. Make sure that you allow it to dry completely after washing it. This is all the more important if you want to apply teak oil over the mat. Let the mat dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before applying the teak oil. Apply the oil with a paint brush, let it dry and its ready to go back in the shower. To avoid an oily surface, do wipe off extra oil from the surface. With such simple steps, you can easily maintain small or large teak shower mat with complete ease. If you are looking to buy teak shower mat then TeakCraftUS has a fantastic collection to check out. Visit our website and order now!