Any visitor or buyer need to read the Terms of Use of this website. We have mentioned here the conditions that adhere to the standards of online and offline business of teak wood furniture. If you buy from us then you must follow these Terms and Conditions to ensure the mutual trust.

Terms and Conditions may change

The rules, conditions and terms are subjected to change as per the government regulations, web rules and the business demands. It is solely on the discretion of the site owner who may change the rules without any prior notice. Customers are bound to agree to the terms and conditions before any purchase so, we request all to study these rules in detail.

Electronic communications

Email communications are termed as electronic exchange and we are doing that with all our clients. In addition, notices, disclosures or offers on the website fall under this category as well. By agreeing to the terms, customers give their consent that they understand the rules and abide to them while making the purchase. These satisfy all legal requirements and are as good as those given in writing in a brick-and-mortar business. For more, you can check our Privacy Policy.

Copyright Notice

Every content on the site including text, digital content like graphics, logos, audio pieces, images, brochures, icons, downloadable data, videos or any software are a property of TeakCraftUS and should not be copied or projected as their own by any person or company. We reserve the right to use this information for our own business and violation of this rule may face legal proceedings. The copyright over the property is in accordance with the international copyright laws.

Trade Marks

Our trademark furniture design, dress or method should not be used by any person, organization or authority outside TeakCraftUS. Any of our trademark things should not be used under any other banner other than TeakCraftUS, to avoid any confusion amongst customers and business associates. We strictly warn against the use of our trademarks in any derogatory manner that causes harm to our reputation. Our trademarks are our exclusive property subjected to be either affiliated to or connected with us or our sister concerns. Anyone other than us cannot use them without prior permission.

License and Site Access

The visitor or user of this site is given limited access to the site. They cannot edit, copy or update any content on the site or cannot download any digital information other than page caching. A written permission from TeakCraftUS is required to use any content or information of this website. This license does not cover any commercial use or resale of the contents. Be it product listing, pricing, furniture info, methods of use, downloadable data, descriptions, account information and credentials should not be used by other merchants or data mining tools like robots or artificial intelligence tools. The content or information of the site are strictly guarded against any kind of copy, duplication or reproduction by any person, company or organization. It cannot be sold or copied without written consent from TeakCraftUS. Anyone using framing techniques to copy logo, images or other digital data and proprietary information would be legal questioned if found guilty. Users cannot create metatags or hidden text in the name of TeakCraftUS without our knowledge. Unauthorized usage would be questioned legally and face license termination under the legal regulations. You are only allowed to create a hyperlink to the TeakCraftUS home page without doing any misconduct to harm our repute and that of our business associates and clients. Our logo and other digital data should not be included in the link without prior permission in writing.

Product Descriptions

We try to give accurate product descriptions but do not claim them to be precise. Due to any reason if there is typographic error or inaccuracy in details then we would fix them up. However, if you find the products to be majorly contradicting with the description and are not happy with it then you can return them without using them.

Inaccuracy Disclaimer

Due to periodic changes in the website, products and content, there are chances of error, which we try to minimize as much as possible. However, in any case there are any inaccuracies then we would correct them and may change, edit or modify information without any prior notice.

Applicable Law

The site falls under the jurisdiction of the laws of Florida and any discrepancy or dispute will be subject to the courts of Florida. The terms and conditions are also subjected to the same law and everyone should abide to stick to it.

Disputes or disagreements

Disputed scenarios regarding the visitor of the site or purchaser would be dealt as Confidential Arbitration in Florida. An exception in this case would be subjected to any person or company trying to violate our intellectual property rights. In such cases, we can take help of any court in Florida and this agreement makes you give consent to for the jurisdiction and presence in these courts. In such cases, Arbitration would be under the regulations of the American Arbitration Association.
Arbitration would be in accordance to the association and would be decided in any of the courts with competent jurisdiction. As per the law, no third party would be involved for arbitration, be it through class arbitration or otherwise.

Site Policies, Modification and Severability

All the site policies including shipping, return and privacy policies should be reviewed while visiting or purchasing from this site. They direct the customer’s conduct and when violated, may bear dire consequences. TeakCraftUS has the right to change, edit or modify all of these policies at any given point of time. We reserve the right for it. In case any condition is void then its sub conditions would not be enforceable as well.


TeakCraftUS would not be responsible for any jurisdiction fees or cost of damages or expenses that you face as part of legal action taken on violating the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website.