Sustainable teak wood furniture for homes, offices, indoor and outdoor spaces!!

TeakCraftUS offers a wide variety of teak wood furniture made from original teak trees of Indonesia. Nurtured by the natural ecosystem, the source woods are not treated with chemical fertilizers or toxic insecticides and pesticides. Responsibly extracted from the wood grown in government regulated teak plantation for industrial use, we bring to you the finest quality teak furniture.

We adhere to the government’s guidelines of sustainable replanting program and procure wood that is allowed for commercial use only. We guarantee real teak wood furniture without disturbing the natural ecosystem so that our customers feel confident in buying from us. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor teak wood furniture, we are the best place to find the best teak furniture for homes, offices, hotels, spas and other spaces.

By following the government regulations and restrictions on logging, we make sure to choose sustainable teak wood from sources where trees get replanted as part of the reforestation process. This makes our products not only exclusive but eco-friendly as well. In order to reduce carbon footprint, we source from people and places that harvest wood in a way that maintains the sustainable cycle.

If you are looking for eco-conscious teak furniture then we pledge it as our product line is made from FSC teak which leaves very low impact on the environment and certainly high impact on style, durability and usage.

Legal and sustainability certifications

We are certified for our choice of teak wood by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a globally renowned forest certification system. It has certified us for sourcing teak wood from the plantations that follow various environment, social and economic standards of forest management.

Another assurance that we offer genuine teak wood furniture that is sourced ethically and by maintaining the Indonesian law!! Remember, all our products are made from legal wood export and have gone through SVLK verification.

Moreover, we also contribute to TerraPass that houses many projects for greenhouse reduction and lowering carbon footprint. Buying from us ensures that you spend on the best sustainable teak wood furniture.