Handcrafted Contemporary Teak Shower Benches

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  • Sale! Freya - Teak Shower Bench for Sale - TeakCraftUS

    The FREYA, Teak Shower Bench with Shelf 30 Inch

    $249.99 $199.99
  • Contemporary Teak Shower Bench 21 Inch for Home or Spa

    The HERMOD, Teak Shower Bench 21 Inch

  • teak shower bench for your Home or Spa - TeakCraftUS

    The LIV, Teak Shower Bench 30 inch

  • Premier Quality The LOKI, Teak Corner Bench With Basket - TeakCraftUS

    The LOKI, Teak Corner Bench With Basket

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  • teak corner shower bench for storage - TeakCraftUS

    The RA, Teak Corner Shower Bench

  • contemporary teak shower benches online - TeakCraftUS

    The RANDI, Teak Wood Shower Bench 18 Inch

  • beautiful teak corner bench for a small bedroom - TeakCraftUS

    The SAGA, Teak Corner Shower Bench

  • Teak Wood Shower Bench for Bath & Spa - TeakCraftUS

    The TORI, Teak Wood Shower Bench


Best Quality Teak Shower Benches for Home Spa, Bathroom or Under Shower

Our ranges of contemporary teak shower benches are a fine blend of modern designs, classic teakwood and novel utilities. Designed to fit easily on the side corner of the bathroom, these teak benches are easy to sit on. A must for senior citizens, the anti-slip, water resistant benches offer comfort and convenience. The collection of handcrafted teak benches consist of different shapes, patterns and variety.

If you have lot of stuff in the shower, try our teak shower benches with shelf. The bench will serve as seating furniture and a storage unit as well. It can easily accommodate accessories and bathroom stuff to keep the area neat and tidy. Whether you want Modern teak shower bench or antique designs, our craftsmen will give the best furniture possible. For best quality waterproof teakwood bathroom furniture, check out our latest designs, choose and order online. If you have any particular design in mind then we are happy to offer custom teakwood benches as per need.