The GALA, Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove


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This elegant premium grade Indonesian teak wood cutting board comes with built-in juice grooves, small indents in the board which stop excess liquid from spilling onto your counter when you cut things. Whether you?re cutting meats, vegetables, or fruits, the wood chopping block with the juice groove will keep it all on your counter so you can focus more on preparing food, and less on clean up. With our large 18” x 12” frame, the TeakCraft butcher block is large enough to cut anything and everything you?d want to cut such as chopping meats, vegetables, breads , while also fitting nicely into your kitchen. The large end-grain butcher block is made of sustainably grown edge-grain teak wood, which makes it look beautiful and gives it many advantages over other butcher blocks. Teak wood is naturally waterproof due to the oils inside of the wood, meaning that the wood cutting board with juice groove will be able to last as long as you need it.
Complying with these easy steps will ensure longevity for your solid chopping board.


  • Keep your butcher block tidy by washing with soap and water after each usage.
  • Make sure to rinse off all residue soap.
  • Pad all the water down with a towel until the cutting board is completely dry.


  • Use a small drop of food-grade mineral oil.
  • Make sure to use food quality mineral oil – no veggie oils


  • Do not use in the microwave or stove. Do not clean in the dishwasher. Hand Wash only.
  • Do not position warm pots or mugs on top of the surface of the bamboo wood cutting board, as this can leave scorch marks.

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