Know How to Choose the Best Large Teak Cutting Board

Large teak cutting board is an investment that would be cherished by the chefs and people with culinary skills. It offers a great support for cutting, chopping, dicing, mincing and serves as the best décor for the kitchen countertop. When selected with an element of design, this teakwood cutting board creates a pleasing ambience in the cooking space. Let us check how to buy the best teak chopping board that not only lasts long, but proves to be the most efficient kitchen accessory possible.

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How to select best extra large cutting boards?

Select as per the dimension of the kitchen countertop!

Well, large teak cutting board is suitable if you have lot of countertop space in the kitchen. A recommended size of 18 x 30 inches suffices the need of professional chefs. If you love to cook, then this sized board will give you ample space for all the cutting work. For those with small kitchens, smaller 4 x 6 inches’ board prove to be space saving. However, they many not give you the pleasure of cutting veggies and meat.

Check their friendliness to the knives!

This is another aspect that must be considered. While large teak cutting board offers enough space, they could damage knives when made from very hard wood. It is important to select a board that is easy on the blades of the knives. Teak end grain cutting board is robust in nature yet gentler for the knife blades. As it is made by gluing pieces of teak wood, it provides more space to the blades to sink in. So, choose end grain board.

Easy to clean and maintain!

While extra large cutting boards offer sufficient space for all types of cutting, they are often considered as tough to lift for regular clean ups. However, those with carved-in handholds help to lift them easily and shift them on the countertop. TeakCraftUS offers variety of teak butcher blocks with handholds on the sides. Large teak cutting board from TeakCraftUS come with such thoughtful designs that offer both excellent craftsmanship and utility.

Prioritize hygiene over design and look!

Teakwood cutting board are susceptible to the attack of bacteria and germs. If the residue from meat blood and juice leftovers stay on these boards, it gives rise to microbes. To prevent it, make sure that you choose large teak cutting board that is easy to clean and maintain. Teak wood boards are hygienic over other woods as the top surface of teak releases natural oils that destroys the bacterial growth. So, hygiene is guaranteed with teak chopping board.

Contemplate value over price of teakwood cutting board!

Teak is considered as an expensive wood, but the value that it offers is much more than the price you pay. The value that it offers is totally justified by the price. You get space, designer element, hygiene, ease of maintenance, durability, more lifespan for knives and comfort. All these aspects are offered by teak extra large cutting boards over other materials and wood. So, what you spend is much lesser than the advantages that these boards offer.

The Conclusion!

Check the various features of large teak cutting board before making a purchase. When you want teak products with style, space, craftsmanship and robustness, TeakCraftUS is the best place. We offer eco-friendly teakwood cutting boards with absolute manufacturing guarantee. Moreover, we customize products as per the size of your kitchen countertop. Currently, offering ESALE and site wide discount so, order now and make some quick savings!