5 Reasons to Choose Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture

Indonesian teak wood furniture is famous for its excellent quality, wood density, robustness, wonderful honey gold color and more. Most importantly, Indonesian government believes in creating a balance in nature so, they plant commercial teakwood plantations, which are recyclable. For every tree cut, they plant one more teak tree to maintain their ecological balance. Therefore, it is wiser to choose Indonesian teak furniture.

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How Indonesian plantations offer best teak wood furniture?

Eco-friendly teak wood furniture!

First of all, there are commercial teak plantations in Indonesia. These are best to save the climate, environment and reduces overall carbon footprint. The recyclable plantations preserve the number of teak tress while still offering mature trees for commercial use like making furniture etc. Anyone who loves eco-friendly furniture should choose Indonesian teak wood furniture and be rest assured for using wood in their homes. You can enjoy best wooden furniture without harming nature.

Best teak wood furniture for indoors and outdoors!

Indonesian teak is renowned for its density which imparts furniture with resistance towards humidity, pests, sun exposure and extreme weather conditions. This makes Indonesian teak wood furniture highly suitable for indoors and outdoors. Such wood can be used for crafting window frames, doors, kitchen tools, dining table set and outdoor furniture of all sorts. So, wood sourced from this country is naturally tough, durable, weather resistant and long lasting.

High quality is guaranteed!

Some of the best qualities of teakwood is found in Indonesian forests. These forests are maintained to produce finest teakwood and are the biggest producers of teakwood in the world. This makes them the source of best quality of modern teak furniture. Teakwood grown in its natural habitat with all favorable conditions is therefore higher in quality. Anyone who loves the most authentic form of teakwood furniture should choose manufacturers that source from Indonesian teakwood.

Indonesian teak wood furniture is low on maintenance!

Naturally grown teakwood has high quantity of resinous oils present in them. When crafted into modern teak furniture or antique one, this teak oil prevents molds, germ attacks and cracks that may occur due to weather conditions. This means you have furniture that demands little maintenance. All you need to do is clean and oil in once in few months. This clearly proves that Indonesian teak wood furniture is suitable for one and all, whether you are an elderly couple, family with kids or busy singles.

Pocket friendly and best teak wood furniture!

Indonesian teak wood furniture is truly affordable. Available in modish and traditional designs, this furniture can still be light on the pocket. Manufacturers like TeakCraftUS offers this furniture at cost effective rates. As we believe in contributing to a healthy environment and offer handcrafted teak furniture, we pass a huge chunk of our profits to craftsmen and customers. Our products are high in quality, design, durability yet low on price. When ordered online, we offer discounts to create a really low price tag for our customers.


Indonesian teak wood furniture offers everything you need without harming the environment. Crafted in magnificent designs, it fulfils all kinds of teak wood furniture needs. TeakCraftUS offers all kinds of teak wood furniture at best prices. Check our website for the collection and order now!