How Teak Cutting Board with Compartment Is Best for Kitchens?

Teak cutting board with compartment is a handy facility for anyone with culinary instincts. It adds more utility to the regular chopping board. With added features, the butcher block works not just for cutting or chopping needs, but for dining décor, plating requirements and more. Today let us check out how teakwood is best for kitchen cutting board with juice groove. Moreover, let’s find out how teak wood boards offers more functions than just cutting.

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Reasons why teakwood is best for cutting board with juice groove:

Teak is a hardwood yet soft on knives!

Teakwood provides everything essential to create a sturdy chopping board. It gives excellent results, whether you want extra-large teak cutting board or a small one for minimal needs. The best part is teak boards are soft on the knife blades than other hardwoods. When used over a period of time, they do not make the blade blunt. This quality makes them perfect fit for any kitchen.

Teak butcher block is better at bearing scratches!

When compared to other woods and even materials, teak cutting board with compartment or simple teak board, proves very good at handling strong blows of knives. Teak has a hardness rating of 1,070 lbf. This makes it quite good at dealing with scratches. Most importantly, it retains mineral oils even after engineered into chopping board. This natural oils cover the cracks and scratches to keep the board fresh and new.

Teakwood is best for kitchen hygiene than other boards!

Teakwood is excellent for maintaining hygiene in the kitchen. Teak cutting board with juice groove works well by draining out fruit and vegetable juices in the grooves. This prevents spills on the countertop and keeps the cutting area clean. Moreover, the teak oils released kills the bacteria and germs on the topmost surface. This way, teak is most sanitary wood for kitchen, which is normally prone to micro-organisms.

Teak cutting board with compartment makes best platter!

When you have an extra-large teak cutting board with pocket sized compartments, you have the advantage of using it as a platter. Even you can chop things and slide them in compartments to keep things more organized. Handcrafted teak kitchen furniture is very useful as it delivers the right combination of design, utility and hygiene standards. Therefore, it is advisable to choose teakwood for all home furniture.

Teak cutting boards look suave!

The honey brown color of teakwood makes it excellent décor material. A nicely crafted extra-large teak cutting board can double up as the chopping board and countertop accessory. It will deck up the countertop like no other piece of furniture. The natural warm tone looks best on any kitchen top. So, teakwood is best for kitchen décor as well.


Teak cutting board with compartment has many benefits especially, considering the fact that it’s made up of the hardwood that is durable, knife friendly, hygienic and affordable. It is the perfect investment for kitchen in the New Year. If you are looking for a smart collection of teak cutting boards then TeakCraftUS is the place. We offer eco-friendly teak furniture for kitchen, living room, outdoor area and bathrooms. We are a single stop destination for everything teakwood. To order, visit our website, select your favorite item and enjoy it being delivered at your doorstep.