Find Best Non Slip Teak Shower Mats for Accident Proof Bathrooms

Non slip teak shower mats are the best way to protect your family from accidents due to wet floor in the bathroom. It is a necessity for one and all. These mats are designed to stick to the surface to prevent any slipping action. To be placed near the bath tub or shower cubicle, these teak mats are ideal for every house. They offer good grip to the feet as well as remains steady on the floor.

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    The AREN, Teak Shower Mat Large 30 inch

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Top Four Teak Shower Mats for Bathrooms:

The AREN, Teak Shower Mat Large 30 Inch

Made from Indonesian teakwood, it is one of the premium grade wooden shower mats offered by TeakCraftUS. Measuring 30 x 18 inches, it is a large mat suitable for opulent bathrooms. With an elegant design and columnar design, it offers complete water drainage. Equipped with six rubber pads on the rear side, the mat does not slip on the floor. Easy to lift and carry, it is one of the best non slip teak shower mats for indoors and outdoors.

THE GRIM Teak Shower Mat 23

Known for its robustness, this teakwood bath mat is 23 inches in length. It grants a spa like ambience to the bathroom floor. There are no chances of slipping due to the rubber footings positioned at all corners and along the length of the mat. The grid design offers enough space for water to drain out. Easy to maintain and carry, this one can be termed as one of the best wooden shower mats for its tenacity, high silica content, anti-slip nature and warm honey gold color.

The HAGEN, non-slip Teak Shower Mat 30 Inch

With curvy edges, graded design and wonderful light brown color, this mat is ideal to create a sauna like feel. When placed on the bathroom floor, its rubber pads stick to the surface to offer anti-slip action. 30-inch-long, this wooden shower mat is large enough to create a nice pattern on the floor. It will match with other wooden furniture of the bathroom to generate a natural looking space.

The TROY, Teak Shower Mat 23 Inch

The borderless mat is best fit to adorn indoor bathroom space and outdoor areas like pool, deck and showers. Again, one of the best non slip teak shower mats, this one comes with six rubber pads – four on the corners and two along the length. A fine combo of solid and sophisticated, this mat is a premium offering from TeakCraftUS.

How to Buy Them? – Check TeakCraftUS!

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