How Teak Cutting Board Highlights Kitchen Countertop?

Teak cutting board is a necessity, not just for chopping eatables, but also for creating a lavish kitchen countertop. The color, texture and shine of teak gives the countertop a unique demeanor that stances for dignified royalty. High quality teak adds a rare décor element to the kitchen area. It adds charm, creativity and elegance to the cooking space.

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How to use teak wood cutting board to accentuate the kitchen space?

Large teak wood cutting board for décor!

When you want to add more grace and décor to the cooking space, do it with a large sized teak cutting board. The area of the board covers the countertop so, choose a pattern that gels with the countertop. Otherwise, go for a contrasting design to create a spotlight point. A clean, shiny, good-looking teak wood chopping board, when placed on the platform also adds a subtle charisma to it.

Round teak wood furniture for kitchen!

Furniture with diverse shape, plays a big role in creating an attractive space. Talking about cooking space, round teak cutting board looks both – classy and trendy. The shape itself makes it stylish and also gives considerable space for chopping. Round teak cutting board care is quite effortless. With no edges, it is comfortable to hold, wash and prevents chances of getting hurt from the sides.

Small teak wood chopping board adds cuteness!

Best for singles, tiny cutting boards look very cute on the countertop. When not used for chopping, they can be placed underneath oil bottles to create a distinct, highlighted space. Use them as small platters for cheese, cookies and sweets. They are simply adorable accessories! These tiny choppers are best multiple purposes in the kitchen décor.

Teak wood chopping board serve as best backgrounds!

If you are expecting guests and want to add more charisma to the kitchen, then arrange accessories in an eye catchy manner. Use the chopping boards to create dark backgrounds for light colored bottles. They can also be used as serving platters. The round shaped ones are perfect for carrying wine bottles, cheese and sweets.

Where to buy the best teak cutting board?

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