Handy Tips for Choosing the Best Teak Shower Bench for Elderly

Are you looking for the best teak shower bench for elderly? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. These benches are practically a necessity for the senior citizens. They not only provide a comfortable bathing space, but also save the elder people from accidents in the bathroom. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of wooden shower benches for the seniors and how to grab the best one in a limited budget.

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What is the need to buy anti-slip teak shower bench for seniors?

Let us go through some of the most obvious benefits of buying teak shower stools for the elderly. Following are a few of them.

Age brings with it the practical issues of losing balance and shaking of the body. In such scenarios seniors can get extra support from the furniture in the house. High quality modern teak wood furniture is the best for them.

Most senior citizens have mobility issues, which compel them to take assistance for daily chores. Even those who are not yet into the seniority bracket need to take care of their joints to prevent any health issues in the future.

Those facing back pain and knee problems require a relaxed seat for taking bath. Therefore, they need the best teak shower bench for elderly to help them in the shower space.

The biggest benefit of owning an anti-slip teak shower bench is that you can save the elderly people from common accidents that happen in the bathroom. By saving them from slippery bathing surface, you can prevent injuries.

For the best interest of seniors in your family, it is advisable to buy teak shower stools with specific features that focus on safety and endurance.

Teak shower bench features for elders:

Excellent quality teak for hygiene!

Make sure that you buy from the finest brands and manufacturers of teak products. The quality of teakwood is directly proportional to the durability of the bench. Most importantly, the water repelling wood averts molds and proves absolutely hygienic.

Shower stools with adjustable height!

Height adjustment is another feature to keep in mind. Along with buying an anti-slip teak shower bench, you need to make sure that the height of the stool is modifiable. This is suitable for senior couples with height difference.

Rounded edges to avoid injuries!

Curved edges are another parameter to contemplate. The rounded edges are less harmful than the sharp corners of the seating table. Whether you buy a readymade or custom teak shower bench, check the edges and choose the rounded ones.

Minimal design for quick cleaning!

Minimal design of the anti-slip teak shower bench offers a certain ease in cleaning and maintenance. Choose the one with clean design and smooth surface. As it requires little maintenance, it’s good for the seniors who cannot follow elaborate cleaning routines.

Teak shower bench with shelf is helpful!

Shelf is an important consideration in teak shower bench for seniors. As the storage space accommodates lot of bathing items, opt for benches with shelves. This is more important if you have a small bathroom space. 

What is the overall impact of teak shower bench for seniors?

  • Creates a senior-friendly bathroom environment
  • Maintenance free design
  • Comfy seat for bathing
  • Supports those with joint pains
  • Reduces chances of accidents
  • Minimizes fear of falling due to body balancing issues

Where to buy the best teak shower bench for elderly?

TeakCraftUS is a manufacturer and supplier of customized, modern teak wood furniture of all kinds. Here, you can find handcrafted shower stools with excellent designs at affordable rates. You can buy the readymade ones online or ask us to make custom product for your shower area. Most importantly, you get eco-friendly products at affordable prices, freely shipped to your doorstep. Still have queries? Connect with our customer care team and get all details without any delays.