How to Finish and Maintain a Teak Wood Cutting Board?

Teak wood cutting board is definitely one of the strongest tools in the kitchen. It can withstand the sharp blows of the butchering knife and get away with it without a trace of pain. Teak wood has its own natural oils which cover the cutting marks. These oils resist mold formation to prevent cracking of the chopping board. However, when maintained well, the teak chopping board will last for a lifetime or at least few decades. Let us check out some steps for teak wood cutting board care.

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Tips for teak cutting board safety and care:

Routine maintenance

Well, you simply need to wash and scrub the board with soapy water, rinse it with plain water and allow to air dry for few hours. This is the best thing to do especially when you are cutting meat over the board. Even vegetarians need to wash the board as the color of certain veggies like beetroot may stay on the board and stain it. So, better to rinse daily or at least wipe with a wet cloth. You can also rub baking soda over a stain followed by a gentle rinse with water.

Occasional oiling the teak wood cutting board

Another important point in cutting board care instructions is periodic oiling. You need to use a food grade oil for layering the chopping board. Oiling should be done after washing and air drying the board. Once it is completely dry, you can gently finish it with any mineral oil of your choice. There are multiple choices available in the market or you can simply go with coconut oil for cutting board.

Teak cutting board safety against nasty smell

Meat and veggies may leave a certain smell on the board. To get rid of the smell, you can apply lime juice over the board and then sprinkle kosher salt over it. Let the salt dry and then remove it softly with a sponge. Wash the board and let it dry. These are the simple steps for teak wood cutting board care. You can do it without spending much time and keep the chopping board up-to-date for years to come. If you are looking for the best collection of teak wood cutting board then check out our website. You will find the best stuff at least prices! And don’t forget to leverage the discount offers for that easy breezy shopping experience. All the best!!