Five Tips to Choose the Best Teak Cutting Board

Choosing the best teak cutting board for your kitchen can be a cumbersome task. You need to study the characteristic features of teakwood to check whether it matches your kitchen requirements or not. Whether you are a stay-home cook or a chef, cutting board can change the whole game of cooking for you.

Starting from teak butcher block cutting board to the one with juice grooves, choosing board depends solely on your method of cooking. Let us help you out to find the best wooden board for your kitchen.

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Teak wood cutting board features to check before buying:

Size of the board!

Size of the teak board should the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. Depending on the size of your family and amount of cooking required, you can zero down on a small chopping board, a medium cutting board or an extra-large butcher block cutting board.

If you like to make lot of food and store it in the refrigerator then a large cutting board will suit you the most. For regular cooking, a small board with juice groove will suffice. You can easily find the best teak cutting board in all sizes. 

End grain or edge grain? Edge grain teak wood cutting board are those with the grain running from one side to another. It is the top side of the log of wood while end grain boards are made by fusing small cross-sectional parts of the wood.

While edge grain board look symmetrical and pleasing to the eyes, the end grain teak cutting board are thicker, more tenacious and have patterns of curves, squares or circles on the top surface. Apart from this visible difference, the end grain one is pricier than the edge grain board due to the complicated manufacturing process.

End grain teak butcher block cutting board is easy on the knife which increases the lifespan of your cutting tools as well. Therefore, it is recommended to choose end grain board over edge grain block still, the choice is yours, depending upon your usage.

With or without juice groove?

Well, juice grooves are definitely a plus point of the best teak cutting board as they make cleaning quite easy. On top of that the grooves make way for clean and tidy way to cut veggies as well as meat. You will certainly feel better when the juices or blood is drained down from the groove.

Durability and price!

Teak is one of the finest hardwoods so, you don’t need to be concerned about the durability part of the board. It will last decades at length when maintained well. It does cost higher than other wooden cutting boards but, when you stretch the price across its lifespan, teak wood cutting board comes out to be an affordable bet.

Easy to clean or not?

Plastic cutting boards are far easier to clean than teak butcher block cutting board. However, when you compare other advantages of the teak chopping boards, you will tilt towards the wooden option. Just go for the best teak cutting board, maintain it with care and you are done.

Teak wood furniture care is quite simple. All you need is wash them with soap water, rinse with regular water and air dry them for a couple of hours. Don’t forget to apply teak oil over the board once its completely dry. That’s it! Simply put, one can easily find the best teak cutting board for the kitchen. If you want you can select from our collection then visit our website. TeakCraftUS is the best destination for all kinds of teak wood furniture. Give us a shout out and grab quick discounts.