How to care for natural teak furniture? – Follow simple tips!

Teak wood furniture is preferred for its incredible durability, tint of natural brown color and of course a wide range of designs. Be it outdoor teak furniture or indoor utility as well as décor items, teak is considered the king in furniture. It is practically a maintenance free wood that gives absolute value for money. Although teak is expensive, once purchased, it needs little repair and lasts seasonal wear and tear for ages to come. Let us glance through some expert tips for natural teak furniture care.

Indoor teak furniture care

Whether it is dining tables, sofas, shower teak benches, bar tables or any type of teak furniture within the home, you can easily clean it with mild detergent, bleach and water. However, this is an occasional process, which should be followed every three to four months. On daily basis, all you need to do is ward off the dust with lint free cloth. As teak is mold free, it demands very little effort for cleaning.

When it is about cleaning the teak shower benches and mats, that gets enveloped by mold due to wet surroundings, you can easily prepare home-made teak cleaner. For this, mix 1 cup laundry detergent with 1 cup of bleach and pour it in one-gallon water. Apply a layer of this solution over the teak shower furniture and use a gentle scrub to scratch off any mold formation. Now, rinse with normal water and allow to dry in sun. Once it is completely dry, you can apply teak oil to restore the finish and shine.

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Outdoor teak wood furniture care

The outdoor teak furniture demands more care as it stands all seasons and weathers with time. In fact, the brown color of even the premium outdoor teak wood furniture turns to silver gray in nine to twelve months of placing them in the patio and outdoor spaces.

This can be easily cleaned by using sandpaper over the surface to scrub off the mold and grain layer. Again, use the same method to wash with detergent, bleach and water solution. Rinse well with ample water and allow it to dry in the sun. Power wash is certainly not advisable.

If you want to retain the honey brown color then apply a teak sealer over the entire surface. When used at an interval of 6 to 12 months, these sealers work best to protect modern teak wood furniture against UV rays, mold and moisture. To sum up, cleaning teak is easy and can be done on a periodic basis. If you are planning to give new shine to contemporary teakwood furniture or that old corner bench, just do it without hassles.