5 Must-Know Facts & Uses of Teak End Grain Cutting Board

Teak end grain cutting board is one of the premium equipment for chopping vegetables, meat and fruits. It is preferred by culinary experts across the globe for fine chopping, plating and as a decoration item in the kitchen. The color, aesthetics and durability of teak wood cutting board makes it an ideal kitchen accessory as well as the best piece to embellish the countertop. There are many uses of chopping blocks which makes them a hot favorite.

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Characteristics of best teak cutting board:

Most tenacious chopping boards!

Teak wood is naturally stoic which makes it useful for cutting soft vegetables and fruits as well as large pieces of meat. Teak end grain cutting board acts as both butcher block and chopping board making it a versatile instrument in the kitchen. The best part is that this wooden board is best for the knife blades and keeps them sharp for a long time.

Hygienic cutting equipment!

Teak wood cutting board is a hygienic option for chopping accessories. The germs acquired from the meat or veggies gets easily absorbed in the fine cracks of the wooden board. They are naturally destroyed by the oils present in the wood. Unlike plastic and other material which do not have capillary action to pull down fluid, teak wood offers the most sterile alternative. So, it’s easy to keep the outer surface secure and safe with teak butcher blocks.

Beautiful shapes make them a fashionable choice!

Teak chopping boards are available in round, rectangle, square and other attractive shapes. This makes them a hot favorite amongst those who like to add a design element in the kitchen. They double as a kitchen accessory and décor item giving complete value for money.

Best teak cutting board looks new for years!

Another important fact associated with these boards is that they are very easy to clean. Even if you have an extra-large cutting board with juice groove, it is always easy to wash, dry and oil it. Due to the juice grooves, the central portion of the board remains unsoiled as blood and vegetable juices flow out through the groove. Stains can be washed with soap water or a combination of vinegar and baking soda to keep the board looking fresh as ever.

Teak end grain cutting board is a long-term possession!

As teakwood has a shelf life of decades, anything made out of it promises to last for a long time. Therefore, teak wood cutting board will last in your kitchen for the longest time. If maintained well, they can last even for a century. This makes them an ideal investment. For anyone looking to buy teak chopping block, TeakCraftUS is the best resource. We make all products from eco-friendly teak wood plantations of Indonesia. This makes our products extremely sturdy, good for the planet and premium. We offer manufacturing guarantee so, any damages are taken care off. What else? We offer big discounts on online purchase of teak cutting boards so, order now!