Why Best Teak Shower Mat Comes with Rubber Grips?

Best teak shower mat is that which offers comfortable feet padding, drains out all the water through it and covers a considerable floor space. Most importantly, it should be skid proof so that there are no chances of accidents in the bathroom. Rubber grips are added on the rear end in order to keep the mat hold the floor surface. Let us check out how these are best teak shower mat for inside shower.

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How rubbers grips add value to teak shower mat?

Minimizes accidents!

First of all, it is very important that shower mats provide some additional safety. Their prime function is to prevent slippery surfaces when you come just out of the shower. For this, manufacturers add rubber grips on the floor-side surface. The grips stick strongly to the floor and restrain the mat from moving. This creates a safe footing.

Sticks to the floor for elegance!

Rubber grips assure that the mat does not displace from where it’s kept. It helps to create a teak shower floor, which adds a certain sense of style to the bathroom. This will transform the shower floor into a natural looking, wooden floor with an ethereal appeal. All you need to do is choose the best teak shower mat with nice color, texture and pattern.

Easy to lift the large teak shower mat!

Rubber grips create a finger size space between the mat and the floor. This helps to lift the mat as and when needed. No matter how large teak shower mat is, you can easily lift it, clean it and place it back. Therefore, grips are of great help!

Custom teak shower mat maintains cleanliness!

When you choose the best teak shower mat with rubber grips, it helps you to keep the bathroom floor tidy. There would be no dirt deposition on the sides of the mat. Moreover, as the mat would stay a certain distance above the floor, there won’t be discoloration of the tiles. In a way, rubber grips assist to create a tidy bathroom floor.

Best teak shower mat comes with rubber grips!

Experts suggest very many advantages of teak mats with rubber grips. In fact, they recommend these mats as must-haves for any bathroom and any age group of people. When we talk about teak shower mats, the grips work wonders for any sized mats, small or large. If you are planning for a custom teak shower mat then make sure you ask the manufacturers to install rubber grips on it.

To conclude, it is always sensible to weigh teak shower floor pros and cons before making the actual purchase. Having said that, many have benefited from buying custom teak shower mat. If you are in a spree to get one for yourself then you are at the right place. Check out our collection of best teak shower mat as you will have multiple options to choose from. We offer mats with manufacturing guarantee, free shipping and some quick discounts. So, check the design and dimensions of the mat that fit into your bathroom and order now!