Top Five Teak Chopping Board Shapes and Uses in 2023

Teak chopping board is one kitchen essential that has many uses in the current times. Gone are the days when these boards were used just for cutting, chopping, dicing and mincing. In the modern times, people use the wooden boards to accessories their kitchen countertops and as a décor item in the cooking space. If you are a creative person who likes to beautify the space around you, then let us help you out with different types and uses of teak cutting boards.

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What are the latest shapes of teak wood chopping board?

Thin, rectangular chopping board for kitchen!

Probably the lightest in weight and easiest to lift, these kitchen countertops are easy to clean and care. Suitable for a big family with excess cooking requirements on a daily basis, the sleek board is an ideal utility for the kitchen. It works well even for elderly people who cannot lift heavy weight things. The MODI, Teak chopping board with 1.5 inches’ thickness is one such classic piece offered by TeakCraftUS.

Teak wood chopping board with grooves!

Again, rectangular in shapes, such boards have juice grooves on the edges. The grooves are crafted to hold the juices that drain from veggies and juices. As the extra juice flows in the grooves, the chopping space remains clean. It facilitates cutting and mincing. Most of them come with holding brackets on the sides. These brackets make them easy to carry, clean and shift from one place to another.

Teak chopping board with compartments!

Another, new-age design, these boards have segments in the top area. These compartments are used to store the chopped items, while you are cutting the rest of the ingredients. They look classy, stylish and prove very useful. You can use them as a platter for dry food items including cheese, nuts, cakes, etc. If you are having second thoughts about cleaning them, then don’t worry, they can be maintained with regular wooden chopping board care steps.

Extra thick teak butcher blocks!

Highly useful for cutting meat products, these boards are robust in build. Mostly rectangular in shape they provide the space required for butchering meat. Such a teak chopping board is heavy in weight and needs special care while lifting. Only suitable for chefs or young people who can manage to carry heavy things on a daily basis.

Round chopping board for kitchen!

Available with or without grooves, a round cutting board is eye pleasing to the core. Mostly sleek, the board is easy to hold, lift and clean. It looks suave as a platter and even as a good backdrop for food photography. Most of them come with a handle, which makes them easy to carry.

Where to buy the best teak chopping board?

TeakCraftUS is the manufacturer of handcrafted teak wood products. Sourced from recyclable plantations, all their products are eco-friendly in true sense. They come with complete manufacturing guarantee to keep the customer’s benefit in mind. Moreover, they are offered at an affordable price tag on our website. If you want a wonderfully crafted teak wood chopping board delivered at your doorstep, then check our website and order now!