Top features of best teak cutting board and how to maintain them

Cutting boards are a kitchen utility item that lasts for decades. As they are one time investment, its advisable to spend money in the right type and material of cutting board. Talking about material, teak wood has proved itself as the best for chopping and cutting. Teak wood cutting board is voted as the best material for cutting vegetables as well meat. In fact, its sturdiness makes it the finest substance to make butcher blocks. Tough plastic is available as another option but it does not match the standards and quality of teakwood. If you are planning to buy chopping board then look out for the following features.

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Features of best cutting boards:

Thickness matters!

You need to begin with the thickness of the teak wood cutting board. Thin boards are usually not comfortable if you want to cut meat and bushy vegetables. Also, a certain thickness works well on the kitchen top by raising it a little, which makes it easy for chopping. Moreover, thick boards can be easily cleaned with sand papers to get an instant relief from warping. Ideally speaking, 2.5 inches is a recommended thickness for teak butcher block cutting board.

Groove keeps it clean!

Choose the one with juice groove so that it remains dry on the top surface and does not bloat or lose its shape. If you use chopping boards excessively then do buy one with juice groove.

Sturdiness withstands blows!

Strong wood like teak is chosen to ensure that the cutting board lasts for years. Whether you opt for a professional cutting board or a regular one for the home, go with something that is robust.

Aesthetic appeal to decorate the kitchen!

Choose a cutting board that accentuates the look of the countertop. Believe or not, a good-looking board will make a normal kitchen look refreshing. Therefore, go for a teak board with nice color, texture and polish.

Easy to maintain!

Most important part is to clean up the chopping board. An alert is to keep them away from dishwashers or you will end up with a slight bend or shapeless board. Always, choose to clean it with gentle soap and water.

Steps to clean teak butcher block cutting boards:

Basic wash – First step is to use gentle detergent and go for a basic wash. Use a sponge or scotch bright, dip it into soap water and rub it on both sides of the board. Apply force only if its necessary otherwise, light rubbing will do. Wash with water and lean it against the wall and airdry for few hours.

Vinegar water – You can also use vinegar solution by mixing one fourth cup vinegar and three fourth cup water. Just spray this solution on both sides and allow to airdry. This works like a quick sanitizer for the board.

Prevent smell – Even the best teak cutting board will hold the smell of the vegetables or meat. This can be nasty and must be cleared on a regular basis. To get rid of the strong smell of garlic or flesh, rub some lemon juice on the cutting surface. Follow it up by spreading some kosher salt over the surface and rub it across with lemon slice. Let it dry for few hours, scrap it off gently and wash it with water.

Say no to stains – Stains can be easily cleaned by rubbing baking soda and water. Don’t forget to wash and dry it. Occasionally, use some oil as part of teak cutting board care as it prevents cracks. Oiling both sides of the board for 15 minutes followed by quick rub with tissue paper would work. To sum up, choose teak wood cutting board with all the above features, which makes it best for the kitchen. In addition, maintain them with few easy steps so can keep the cutting board for years to come. If you are looking for some of the best teak cutting boards then check them out here!