Top 10 Teak Wood Furniture Products for Home & Garden Use

Teak wood furniture is considered luxury in all ages, be it the time of kings or the up-to-date time of today. The hardwood is very expensive to grow and even cut and therefore, the furniture costs an earth. However, times are changing and people are choosing recyclable plantations of teakwood to support the balance in nature. This way, anyone can buy eco-friendly modern teak furniture at cost effective prices.

  • The ESKE, Teak Shower Bench 24 Inch

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    The FRIGG, Teak Square End Table With Shelf

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Check out top 10 handcrafted teakwood furniture for modish homes:

The TORI teak wood shower bench

Elegant design makes this premium grade bench a must-have for modern bathrooms. With curvy seat surface, the bench looks trendy, Zen like and ornamental. Easy to lift and place indoor and outdoor, the bench will certainly grab everyone’s attention.

The MILLENNIUM, Teak Folding Arm Chair

Folding arm chairs are the most celebrated of all kinds of teak wood furniture. The chairs are perfect for gardens, patios, living rooms, reading corners and sun soaking spots. They can be folded and carried anywhere, even outside the house. With handles on both sides, the chairs are best for a relaxing time.

The LEIF, Teak Cutting Board Extra-Large

The 24 inches long chopping board with honey brown color makes way for classic kitchen furniture. With an even surface on both sides, it can be used as a reversible board. It proves quite multipurpose as it can be used for plating and as a backdrop for taking food photographs.

The THOREN, Teak Shower Caddy

With a unique shape, this wall mounted shower caddy fits in as the best modern teak furniture in the house. It has big and small sections to provide ample storage space for bathroom essentials. Lightweight and waterproof, it works well for organizing small bathrooms.

The GALA, Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Again something that can be easily termed as excellent teak wood furniture for the kitchen, this thick chopping block is sturdy enough to cut huge sized meat. The juice grooves will drain out blood and keep the rest of the countertop clean. A wonderful, contemporary teak furniture for the kitchen, this one will last for decades.

The SAGA, Teak Corner Shower Bench

A flawless shower stool with arc shaped sitting surface and shelf underneath, makes this one an ideal modern teak furniture. With rubber foot pads, this anti-slip corner shower bench would keep the floor scratch-free. Handcrafted to perfection, this bench adds elegance and grace to the bathroom. Made of sustainable teakwood, this one is for those who love both – the environment and classy furniture.

The DIDYMA, Cutting Board with Sorting Compartment

Definitely a piece of master craftsmanship, this chopping board creates a style statement in the kitchen. With compartments to store chopped veggies or fruits and juice groove on the sides to drain extra juices, this brown colored board offers multi-utility. Can be used for cutting as well as a stylish platter, this board is complete value for money.

The HERMOD, Teak Shower Bench 21 Inch

This beautiful shower bench with curvy edges is safe for children and elders. With a capacity to withstand 250 pounds, the bench is sturdy to the core. Easy to assemble at home, this piece of handcrafted teak wood furniture comes with adjustable feet and rubber grips for absolute safety. Sourced from recyclable teak wood plantations, it offers low carbon footprint.

The RA, Teak Corner Shower Bench

An example of contemporary teak furniture, this shower bench is a work of artistry. With an exclusive design that reflects modish character, this bench will easily fit in corners of bathroom, living room and patio. With shelf underneath, it can store items of usage. Easy to carry, this one doubles up as indoor and outdoor furniture.

The RANDI, Teak Wood Shower Bench 18 Inch

Simplified design, tasteful teakwood furniture, this bench is definitely a delight for décor lovers. It has all the necessary elements to please the eyes – be it curvy top surface, practical non-slip feet and versatile looks. This makes it favorite for indoor shower, outdoor pools, patio bench and living room furniture. Made from eco-friendly teakwood plantations, this one can be fully assembled at home. All these products are available at TeakCraftUS. We offer them in our warehouse and on our website. Along with premium quality products, we give manufacturing guarantee, quick discounts and free shipping. This makes way for inexpensive yet first-grade teak wood furniture. To grab your favorite piece, order now!