Tips to Choose Best Teak Cutting Board for Restaurant

Choosing a teak cutting board for restaurant could be a confusing and time consuming task. As chefs need the finest equipment to create their culinary magic, one needs the best set of knives, chopping board and more. The idea is to offer the finest tools so that they prepare the best food possible. If you have a chef friend or want high standard cutting board for kitchen, then let us help you out.

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Ways to select the best teak cutting boards:

Chefs need large teak cutting board!

Well, it is always recommended to gift a big sized chopping board to chefs as they have lot of things on the board to cut, chop, dice and mince. A spacious board helps them to perform these tasks better. Moreover, a small board can be inconvenient and veggies or meat may jump during the cutting process. So, first thing to consider in teak cutting board for restaurant chef, is the size of the board. Go for a magnanimous size, it won’t disappoint!!

Choose a board that is easy on the knives!

Another important criterion to choose a cutting board for kitchen or hotel is its relationship with the knives. Nobody prefers a board that is strong enough to damage the blades of the knife. Chefs love their knives so; it is always advisable to go for an end-grain teak cutting board as its surface is gentle with the knives. Your chef friend will love your choice and enjoy your gift for years at length.

Best teak cutting boards are easy to clean!

Hygiene is the most essential part of hospitality industry. A nicely kept, tidy kitchen makes a good impression on the visitor and inspection auditor. Therefore, choose a teak chopping board that is easy to clean and maintain. Chefs love such boards as they simplify their work and give them added comfort. Make sure to choose teak cutting board with grooves as juices can effortlessly flow into the trenches. These boards are easy to clean as well. This makes them an ideal gift for your chef friends.

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