Perfect Wooden Cutting Boards: Types, Uses and Care

Cutting boards are an everyday essential in the kitchen. They are the working horses which do a lot of hard work by slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables, meat and dairy products. Whether wooden boards like teak cutting boards or that of other contemporary materials, the boards go through hard blows of knives and get stained with vegetable juices and meat blood. A perfect cutting board makes things quite easy for the cook. Let us check the types of chopping boards and their uses.

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Normally, wooden chopping boards are available in following types:

Wooden chopping boards – Made of hardwood like teak, maple, acacia, oak, walnut, cherry and more, the wooden cutting boards are of great use. They are not only sturdy but are easy on the knife as well. They are hygienic as bacteria and germs pears into the pores of the wood and die within. Solid teak cutting board is a unanimous winner in wooden cutting boards as it offers longevity, hygiene and lifetime of service.

Teak cutting boards are available in types categorically defined as edge grain and end grain wood cutting board. Both are solid wood category as teak has strong knots and dense patterns of the stem and sides that make it a sturdy wood.

End grain is stronger than edge grain cutting boards as end grain is made by clubbing the ends of the wood while edge grain board is formed by fusing the parallel pieces of teak wood.

Bamboo chopping boards – While it looks quite similar to end grain wood cutting board, the bamboo boards are the healthiest option possible. The best part is germs cannot stick on the surface of bamboo, which offers complete hygiene to the veggies and meat. The only drawback is that the hard wood damages the surface of the knife. There are many more varieties but wooden chopping boards win over everything other kind. Amongst wooden boards, teak wood cutting board is the most popular choice as they offer best quality, versatility, design, hygiene and are available at cheap prices as well. If you are looking for the best range of teak cutting boards then we are a single stop destination. Choose your favorite chopping board and it will be delivered at your doorstep. To know more details about our best products, keep checking this space. Till then, happy shopping!