How to Choose the Best Teak Cutting Board for Your Kitchen

Teak cutting boards are considered an ideal piece to deck the kitchen countertop. Apart from looking regal, the wooden cutting board works well to suffice the essential equipment for cutting and chopping. Moreover, teak wood furniture definitely lasts a lifetime when properly cared for. So, when you are sure to buy best teak cutting boards, the next pressing question should be to know the size of the board.

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How to find wooden cutting board with ideal size?

Well, even if you buy best teak cutting boards, you need to decide their size based on the size of the kitchen countertop. If you have a small kitchen then a 12×18 inches board will fit in. This is handy and very easy to clean. Just make sure to dry them by keeping them on the edge so that excess water drips down without any effort.

For moderate sized kitchen with a medium sized kitchen countertop, a 15 by 20 inches wooden cutting board will be sufficient. Similarly, for a big setup, a 24 by 36-inch teak cutting board will be enough. Mind well that the size of the board should not give an overwhelming feel to the kitchen and at the same time should not compromise utility for vanity.

What should be the ideal thickness of teak cutting boards?

If you want to buy wooden cutting board and have zeroed down on teak as the perfect material, you must know that wooden boards are way thicker than plastic or rubber boards. Remember, thinner and lighter teak cutting boards would not only damage the knife but would break in the long run.

As per experts, the ideal size of teak wood cutting board would be anywhere between 1 ¼ and 2 inches. For those who are big time meat eaters, a board with 2 inches of thickness is a must for the teak butcher block to withstand the heavy knife blows. Even board with 2 ½ inches of thickness are recommended for places that involve with extreme cutting and chopping activities. We at TeakCraftUS, offer an exclusive range of teak cutting boards with and without juice grooves. Our craftsmanship is visible in the design and finish of wooden cutting board plus, the quality of Indonesian teak wood is totally matchless. If you are looking for a range of best teak cutting boards then you are at the right place. We offer teak wood kitchen essentials at best prices and at big discounts. Check our website to grab the latest offers and add some quickies to your savings!