Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Teak Folding Arm Chair

Teak folding arm chair is worth an investment as these chairs give a comfortable seating. They can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors and can be folded to save space. These chairs can be easily carried during travels or camping and are an ideal companion for a small trip. However, many worry about the maintenance and care of these chairs.

Well, teak wood furniture care, is an easy task but should not be undermined. The more you care for the furniture, the more it stays with you. Just like any other furniture, teak folding chair can be easily cleaned, dried and oiled. They are easy on maintenance and do not demand extra care. However, if you have chosen an intricate design then regular dusting and wiping could be an additional chore.

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How to care for teak folding arm chair?

Be gentle during the use!

Although, teak wood is the toughest material in wooden chair category, you should handle the chairs with due care. Make sure that you don’t throw it or dump it in a way that it damages the screws or arms.

Regular dusting of outdoor teak folding arm chairs!

Even if you have the best folding chairs, you should clean it by a duster or wipe it with a clean cloth. This will keep the finishing up-to-date and retain the freshness and appeal of the chair.

Washing, drying and oiling is the formula!

The best way to maintain teak folding chairs is to apply the formula of wash, rinse and oil. Occasionally, go for a soap water wash, rinse with clean water, let it air dry and then apply a coat of teak wood oil over it. This simple technique will keep the chair up and running for long.

Fold and keep indoors!

An additional step to care for outdoor teak wood furniture is to keep them indoors, if possible. Teak folding chairs will lose their brown color to harsh weather. When kept outdoors for long, the finish of the chair will turn into gray. To avoid this, fold the chairs and keep them indoors, when not in use.

When teak folding arm chairs are not exposed to strong sun or diverse weather, they will retain their natural brown color and texture. This way you can maintain the looks and appeal of the teak wood furniture without any expenses or effort. TeakCraftUS offers the finest range of teak folding chairs. If you are looking for outdoor teak wood furniture including best folding chairs then do check out our website. We have the best collection of teak furniture, which we offer at truly affordable prices. For more details, do visit our website and grab some quick discounts!