Creative Uses of Teak Cutting Boards for Home Décor

Teak cutting boards are definitely best at chopping veggies and meat, but they are also the classiest kitchen equipment to adorn the countertop area. Wooden cutting boards give a natural aura to the space and are statement pieces in the kitchen. They are a minimalist’s favorite cooking accessory. Cutting board with juice groove plays a huge role in keeping a tidy culinary place.

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Things you can do with teak wood cutting board apart from cutting:

Creating a nice platter!

Plating and garnishing are as important as preparing the food. We live in the day and age of photos and social media pics to share with friends and family. A nice wooden platter with colorful salads, delicious dishes and warm soup is nothing less than epic. Teak cutting boards could be used for this kind of plating as the wooden flat plate gives a rustic, tidy and inviting look. People would love to eat a nicely plated meal on the wooden board. So, try it for the next date or party!

Teak wood cutting board works best as trivet

Teak cutting boards are highly useful as they double up as trivets to lay hot dishes on the table. They are easy to carry as the wood gives a comfortable grip. There is no chance of losing balance as the board remains cool on the edges. It also looks stylish and works well when you want to invite friends at home.

An extra-large cutting board is quite spacious and can easily hold spoons on the sides. This is one fun, creative way of arranging food on the side table, garden table and patio. Again, it is a fine way to impress your date with some royal chivalry of arranging small food counter on a wooden platter.

As photo backdrop tile

Teak cutting boards with wonderful brown color are perfect as photo backdrops. If you are passionate about photography, then try them. Arrange light colored or contrasting colored photo subjects on the chopping board and you are ready for a brilliant pic. Just a little attention on the light and you are done! The teak wood cutting board actually emphasizes the subject with its subtle presence.

Old boards are nice picture frames

What to do with your old teak cutting boards? Well, use them creatively for artistic purposes. Teak cutting board with juice groove will make for a delightful frame. It can also be used for creative easel for kids. Don’t throw away these boards. If they are warped, then just finish them with sand paper and even out the surface. Now, use them as art easels. They will surely work as support boards for decades without any hassles.

Best Laptop desks ever!

Teak wood cutting board would double up as laptop desks for the techies. Don’t throw away your old yet thick cutting boards as you can use them as laptop treys. For all those working from home people, these butcher blocks are ideal work desk accessory. Place them under the laptop and sit comfortably on a sofa or bed. You can simply work without worrying about the heat generated due to laptop.

As a large cake plate!

Teak cutting boards can be used as cake plates by amateur bakers. They will hold a large cake without bending or dropping the dessert. Or, simply use the wooden board to arrange sweat meals over it. A 4-5 kg cake can be kept on a mid-size board without any hassles. Colorful cake with a wooden backdrop makes way for some good party pics as well. So, try this with your wooden chopping boards. To sum up, there are plenty of uses of wooden cutting boards. If you are looking for one, then check our collection of Indonesian teak wood chopping boards. You can place order online and we will get it delivered for free.