Check How Teak Cutting Board is a Perfect Kitchen Accessory

Teak cutting board has a reputation of lasting for years at length. They are still considered the best wooden cutting boards and chef’s favorite kitchen essentials. Talking about the chopping boards, one needs to have a personal preference for type of wood, the grain density, the budget and definitely safety of knives. Let us check how teak chopping boards have gained a reputation of being the best.

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Why teakwood cutting board is a hot favorite?

They are the most hygienic ones!

Teak cutting board offers highest level of hygiene as the top surface of teakwood absorbs germs and bacteria. These microorganisms are destroyed within the surface so that the top layer, where you cut veggies and meat remains hygienic.

Extra-large cutting board create best countertops!

Chopping boards double up as a good-looking kitchen accessory. They create a good-looking countertop especially when they are made of ethereal wood like teak. End grain teak cutting board with beautiful patterns create a pleasing ambience and an eye-pleasing countertop. So, if you like fashionable kitchen then teak cutting board is a perfect addition!

Teakwood cutting board are easy on the knife!

Materials such as plastic are hard for the knife blades. Instead, natural woods like teak proves soft for the knife. End grain teak cutting board with vertical orientation of teak pieces are excellent for fine knives. These blocks will distress gradually keeping the board as-it-is for a long period of time.

Teak cutting board is low on maintenance!

If you like wooden cutting boards then you need to maintain them well. However, as teak is anti-bacterial in its nature, it needs very little maintenance. All you need to do is wash it regularly and sun dry it. Occasional sanding and oiling will do the rest of the needful. To remove stains, soap water wash with some bleaching agent is enough. This makes it quite an affordable bet as you don’t need to spend extra on teak wood care as well.

Teak is an affordable wood for kitchen essentials!

Teak wood cutting board is not pricey at all. The price tag when compared to the durability and benefits of teak wood furniture, makes it totally a cost-effective bet. Everyone can afford a teak cutting board of small or big size, as per the size and requirement of the kitchen.  

Brownie on the cake – teak is now sustainable wood!

The best part about teak wood furniture is that now it comes from sustainable, recycled plantations. These trees are derived from Indonesian commercial plantations so, they are legally allowed to be used for furniture.

TeakCraftUS offers such eco-friendly teak furniture including teak cutting board that amplify the décor and utility of any kitchen. If you are looking forward to buy any household item made of teakwood then we are a single stop destination. We offer teak butcher blocks and chopping boards with manufacturing guarantee and with free shipping. If you order online then you may stand a chance of some quick discount as well. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our warehouse or website and buy teak furniture now!