Wooden Shower Caddy is Ideal Décor for Bathrooms

Wooden shower caddy serves multiple purposes of utility, décor and organizing furniture in the bathroom. Modern day furniture is designed with a mindset of minimalism and multifaceted utility. Shower caddies are no exception. They help create a clean, neat bathroom area and even add a dose of décor into the shower space. Let us check how teak shower caddy suffices the need for furniture.

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Uses of wooden shower caddy for décor:

Corner caddies are elegant storage for accessories

The bathroom corners are often left unused and overlooked. They either work as storage for cleaning equipment. Instead, a wooden shower caddy can create a unique, dignified area where you can store shower essentials like towels, shampoos, shower gels, luffas etc. When arranged well, things look uniform and well-managed. So, bring in the best corner shower caddy to create a good-looking bathroom space.

Teak shower caddy of any kind looks regal

Teakwood furniture is pleasant to the eyes due to its honey gold color, tenacious wooden appeal and excellent design. The whole point is to create keep waterproof furniture that withstands the humid space without getting warped. Teak fulfills this with absolute grace and even offers good storage space. Such caddies last for decades as well as even act as best storage spaces for your luxury bathroom indulgencies like perfumes, body oils, bathing salts and more.

Wall mounted wooden shower caddy saves space

When you want to utilize the vertical space of the bathroom, choose wall mounted caddies. They can be easily installed on the wall with either suction cups or screws. They are mini storage spaces, but best fit for small bathrooms. Again, these are best for single apartments, or couples living in small homes with tiny shower spaces. If you want to save space, choose wall mounted teak wood furniture.

How to install teak shower caddy?

Most are free-standing shower caddies that can be easily placed in the corner or relevant place in the bathroom. You don’t need any extra installation efforts, simply buy from manufacturer and place wherever required.

Second types are those with suction or vacuum cups, which stick to the bathroom tiles or walls. These are again best for rental apartments where drilling is forbidden. Wooden shower caddy with suction cups create a stunning piece of furniture.

Third kinds are the wall mounted caddies which need to be screwed on the wall. This can be done easily if you have a power drill machine and screws. A simple DIY will be sufficient for installing your favorite caddy on the wall.

Where to buy eco-friendly teak shower caddy?

TeakCraftUS offers the finest range of teakwood furniture grown from commercial teak plantations. It believes in managing the business with absolute responsibility towards the environment. It offers handcrafted furniture with guarantee and offers it at a pocket-friendly price tag. If you are a nature lover that admires wooden shower caddy and want to order it for your home, then check our website. Order your favorite piece, get it at discount and freely delivered at your doorstep.