Best Tips to Care for Contemporary Teak Outdoor Furniture

Contemporary teak outdoor furniture can make your garden and patio look exotic. It creates a royal and classy looking ambience in the exterior of the house. Teak being waterproof stays strong in all seasons. Cold climates don’t affect its durability, but only changes it’s color from brown to gray.

Teak wood outdoor furniture care tips


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The color change normally take around 9 to 12 months when continuously kept outdoors. It depends on the level of ultra Violet rays that the teak gets exposed to. Therefore, to retain the color you need to either polish your teak outdoor table and chairs covered by plastic sheets.

Contemporary teak outdoor furniture care!

Wipe off the dust regularly with a clean cloth. If it gets exposed to spills, oils and dirt then scrub off the outer surface and wash it clean water. Allow it to sun dry till the moisture gets absorbed completely. This are regular teak wood furniture care.

Teak wood outdoor furniture care in summer!

Regular cleaning tips apply in summers. Extreme sun may create fine cracks on the surface. Teak sealers should be used to fill-in the cracks. Color will start fading and that does not harm the tenacity of teak at all.

Teak furniture care in winters!

Windy weather, ice and rains results in warping of the wood. To prevent this, cover the teak outdoor chairs and table with plastic sheets. Make sure that the cover is breathable. This will prevent mold formation on the surface. It’s important to heat the contemporary teak outdoor furniture frequently to prevent moisture.

Do not store teak outdoor chairs in heated rooms!

It is advisable to not store teak furniture in heated rooms. Sun’s heat works well for the outdoor teak finishings.

Where can you buy eco-friendly teak outdoor tables and chairs?

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