How to Remove Stains from Teak Shower Bench?

Teak shower bench care important for all those who are fond of this luxury wooden furniture. It is easy yet needs proactive action to retain the luster of the furniture. With due care, you can maintain the royal element of teakwood for long time. As liquid spills, stains and abrasions are common issues with home furniture, a little effort is required for cleaning. Let us jot down the best methods of teak cleaning.

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How to clean a teak shower stool?

Occasional rubbing with sandpaper

Water stains are easy to wipe off with a clean cotton cloth or sponge. However, if you have hard water than the watermarks could be stubborn. In that case, gently rub the outer surface with fine grained sand paper. Once the teak shower bench is polished with sand paper, wipe it with clean cloth and apply a thin layer of teak oil over it.

Use detergent water to remove mold

Due to over exposure to water, there are chances that the teak shower bench develops traces of molds. To remove molds or algae formation, you need to use a combination of baking soda, detergent and water. Apply this solution on the teak wood furniture, leave it for 5-10 minutes, scrub off the dirt and fungal particles. Rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry in the sun. This should be done periodically as per the need of the shower stool.

Try chemical stain removers for heavy blemishes

When it’s about removing the hard stains, a combination of two teaspoons of tri-sodium phosphate and detergent will help. This is an all-purpose cleaner for teak wood furniture. The method is to rub it on the surface of the bench, scrub if necessary, water rinse and let it dry in the sun. It can help to clean outdoor teak shower bench as well. Therefore, those who use shower stools around swimming pool, can use this method.

To sum up, with the help of DIY techniques, you can get rid of majority of all kinds of stains found on teak shower benches. In extreme cases, you need to take professional help from those who offer this service.

What not to do in teak furniture care?

  • Do not go for pressure cleaning as the heavy force of water damages the outer surface of the teak furniture.
  • Do not use steel or brass scrub to clean teak shower bench. This can damage the polish of the outer surface.
  • Use of varnish can chip the teakwood surface. So, avoid it.

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