Why you should choose FSC certified teak furniture? – Get to know here

Teakwood furniture is an all-time favorite for its amazing golden color, durability and resistance towards water as well as pests. In fact, there are many companies with teak furniture warehouse to offer these wonderful wooden fixtures to a large number of customers. People use teak for indoor and outdoor usage as this wood is an all-season material, which can withstand every weather condition. Excessive use of teak makes it expensive as well as high on demand.

Due to its increasing demand, this wood is deforested from many Asian and African countries making it a threat for the environment. Many natural habitats are destroyed and animals like Orangutans are on the verge of extinction. For this reason, governments of different countries decided to create measures for producing eco-friendly teakwood furniture. They ordered countries to cultivate teak trees that are specially grown for commercial usage. This is done to reduce deforestation and to increase sustainable teak furniture. This fulfils the demand for teak as well as maintains a healthy environment.

One of the most famous regulation for certifying teak is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is a non-government, non-profit, international organization joined by more than 40 countries. It was initiated to stop illegal logging of teak and other woods from forests. This certification is utmost important for companies with teak furniture warehouse or manufacturing unit as it guarantees that the wood is from a source that does not hamper or harm the environment. Anyone looking for eco-friendly teakwood furniture should check for FSC certification before any purchase. This will help curb many problems including deforestation, illegal logging of wood, loss of animal habitats and poverty in forest dependent communities. So, next time when you want to buy teakwood furniture, just cross-check if the company offers FSC certified teak furniture or not. It would be your contribution towards the planet.