Check out why teak is the most popular wood for cutting boards

Cutting boards are the basic necessity of every household, hotel and cooking spaces. One needs to invest well in this kitchen utility item but only after selecting the best one from the lot. Wood is still considered the best material for making chopping boards and butcher blocks. However, amongst many choices, teakwood is ranked as the best for its sturdiness and long-lasting effect.

Why you can rely on best teak cutting boards?

Teak is chosen for cutting boards over the rest of the types of wood as it has very high grain density, strength, oil conditioning and is practically non-toxic. Basically, teak is strongest wood which can withstand hard blows, scratches, dents and abrasion caused due to butcher knives. This makes it highly suitable as cutting board for heavy duty non-veg as well as vegetarian foods.

In addition, teak butcher block cutting boards are considered as food-safe because they release natural oils that are not harmful for humans. These oils also make them dense, closed-grain woods with minimum porosity. This natural characteristic makes teak resistant to moisture, fungus, bacteria and other microbes. Therefore, experts vote teak as the first-choice of wood for best cutting boards.

Moreover, teak cutting boards have a natural honey brown color and finish, which makes them stand tall on the aesthetics. If you are into lovely kitchen décor then teak cutting board will add some visual appeal to the kitchen space.

Apart from this, the best teak cutting board will last you a lifetime. The non-toxic, strong wood with eye pleasing texture will stay for years without any maintenance. Cleaning teak cutting boards is very easy, all you need to do is wash with liquid soap, rinse and let it dry. This makes teak cutting boards low on maintenance and high on sustenance. For all these benefits, teak cutting boards are reliable and chosen over other material like plastic and weak wood. If you want to buy best teak butcher block cutting boards or chopping boards then check our collection!