Why Teakwood is considered strong, sustainable and stylish? – Find here!

Teak is the most preferred wood to make furniture as it is naturally durable and lasts for many years. Yes, we normally choose furniture based on its lifespan and tenacity. Teak suits these criteria to the core making it an all-time favorite for furniture manufacturing. It has remained a unanimous choice from classic to modish era. Modern teakwood furniture focuses more on design, a parameter where teak showcases its rule again. Because of its layered texture and honey brown color, teak is used to create novel designs of indoor and outdoor furniture. It looks ethereal and stands tall as far as aesthetics are concerned.

In addition, the natural oils present in the teakwood makes it pest resistant as well as self-maintainable. This is a vital reason for choosing teakwood furniture because there are rarely any chances of damage due to mites and pests. The pest resistant property is the prime reason manufacturers create contemporary teak furniture for outdoors. With teak as the base, the sofas, armchairs, mats and outdoor furniture remain rugged and maintenance for years at length. One cannot deny the benefits of teak for outdoor furniture.

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Coming to sustainability, teak is grown in forests as well as commercial plantations across the globe. Most think that teak is endangered but that is a myth. In fact, many countries are aware about the importance of this wood and impose regulations to grow it especially for commercial use. They do not allow deforestation of this precious wood and furniture manufacturers are bound to use from the legal plantations only. This makes it all the more important to make handcrafted teak furniture from sustainable teak. So, all those looking for eco-friendly furniture should choose teak wood.

Regarding style, teakwood is naturally honey brown in color and layered in texture. This property of the wood makes it highly suitable to create good-looking furniture designs. You will find stylish indoor as well as outdoor teakwood furniture around the world. Craftsmen love to experiment with this wonderful and strong wood to create the best of classic and contemporary designs. In a nutshell, if you are looking for strong, sustainable and stylish furniture, teakwood is the answer!