Why Indonesian teak countertop is the first choice for kitchen furniture?

Kitchen countertops are a prime necessity for multiple utilities like cutting veggies, chopping meat and everything that needs slicing. Purchasing a good kitchen countertop is a once in a lifetime investment so, make it wisely. Handcrafted teak countertop is the first choice of most women and chefs. The primary reason is the durability of teakwood, the beautiful honey brown color, the ability to withstand blows without cracking and definitely the royal looks of the teakwood. Amongst teak kitchen furniture, one of the most sought-after types is Indonesian teak countertop.

Why Indonesian teak countertop is best for any kitchen?

Thirty years of natural oils – Indonesian teak wood takes around thirty years to grow and mature. It has abundance of natural oils generated within for thirty years. This makes any Indonesian teakwood furniture very durable. The sturdiness is due to the water and spill resistant properties of the oil within the wood.

Wonderful honey texture – You would love the handcrafted teak countertop for its ethereal light brown color. The natural hue of the Indonesian wood will add to the ambience of the kitchen and make way for a good-looking kitchen accessory. For those who love an aesthetic appeal, these countertops are best to deck up the cooking area. In fact, for its visible appeal, Indonesian wood is considered as the best material for teak countertop.

Eco friendly wood for your kitchen – For everyone who love nature and want to preserve it, the Indonesian teak countertop is the best choice ever. The reason is that these woods are derived from the industrial woods that are recycled by planting more trees in a rhythmic cycle. So, you don’t hamper nature and still get the best teakwood furniture for kitchen and home. Moreover, the wood grain spread across the teakwood are a sign of maturity of the tree. Indonesian teakwood has wide spread grains which make them stronger and give them a distinct natural color and texture. For all these reasons, an Indonesian teakwood countertop is best for the kitchen. If you are looking for one then check our collection of teak countertops and choose your favorite!