Handcrafted Indonesian Teak Countertop

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Premium Grade Indonesian Teak Countertop Perfect for Any Kitchen

TeakCraftUS provides Indonesian teak countertop for indoor and outdoor kitchens. The naturally hardwood with high density is best suited for daily use and are famous as long-lasting countertops. Being fire and acid resistant, the handcrafted teak countertop would suit all kinds of kitchen designs. Be it island kitchen, modular kitchen or L shaped kitchen, Butcher Block island, the solid teak countertop gives an earthy feel to it. Teak is the best wood for countertops and we offer the finest quality Indonesian wood that can bear cutting, chopping and household tasks.

Still confused for the pros and cons of teak countertops then rest assured as we provide the finest quality. They are durable, good looking, and strong and suffice all kitchen requirements. We also manufacture custom teak butcher blocks and countertops as per the need of the customer. Whether you need for an indoor kitchen or outdoor teak countertops, our designs and quality will make you happy. In a nutshell, we supply the best handcrafted teak furniture for all your kitchen needs.