Butcher Blocks Vs. Cutting Boards – Difference You Must know

We are often confused whether to buy a butcher block or teak wood cutting board. As the purpose of both is similar that is cutting stuff, there is always a dilemma of which one to choose between the two. Today, let us find what is best for your kitchen – butcher block countertop or an end grain cutting board. For this, we need to go deeper into the purpose of owning these kitchen items.

Firstly, butcher blocks are used for cutting meat which is much harder than vegetables. For this, we need a block with good thickness to take the forceful blows without ending up in cracks. At least, 1.5 inches of thickness is recommended for a long-lasting block. Whether it’s a teak wood cutting board or any other material, they are much slimmer than butcher blocks.

Next, the size of the butcher block should be bigger than the chopping board as you need a larger area to put and slice the meat pieces. This is only to add comfort while cutting meat as smaller area of the board will result in a messy kitchen.

Another stark difference is in the making of these boards. An end grain teak butcher block is made by cutting the lumber which makes it a whole piece of sturdy wood. This gives a longer shelf life and you don’t need to invest in these items time and again. Edge grain blocks are made by gluing the strips of wood which makes them a little weaker than the original block.

After knowing these major differences, you can decide what you want for your kitchen. TeakCraftUS offers a wide range of teak wood cutting boards as well as rugged, robust butcher blocks to select from. All you need to do choose the best board for your kitchen and enjoy a good cooking space. If you are keen to buy, we offer a variety of stuff including extra large cutting boards with juice groove, thick chopping boards and more. Just to check our finest collection and order for yourself!!