Why Chefs Prefer Teak Butcher Block Countertop?

Teak butcher block countertop has been the king of kitchens and culinary geniuses when it comes to wooden kitchen furniture. It still holds a special place in the hearts of modern cooks. There are many reasons for choosing this hardwood for butcher block kitchen countertops. The natural wood provides everything required for cooking necessities and is a perfect device for maintaining a healthy, charming, hygienic, attractive and modish kitchen.

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Reasons to choose teak wood butcher block & countertops:

Works best even in wet places!

Teakwood is revered for its tenacity, which makes it highly useful in kitchens exposed to wet surfaces. The natural teak oil present in the teak butcher block makes it repel water. This makes teak ideal for making boats and ships. The oil prevents molds or warping of the wood and lets it stay as it is for years at length. So, even if you are an exhaustive cook or have a big family, teak butcher block kitchen countertops will work for you in all weather conditions.

Teak is best for extra large butcher block cutting board!

People with large kitchen countertops and big families need a bigger sized teak cutting board. With adequate craftsmanship, the hard teakwood is easy to craft into any sized board and stays strong throughout an array of cutting, mincing, washing and durability tests. Whether end grain or edge grain, teak can be converted into any sized board or countertop without any hassles. It does not crack while cutting, molding or assembling.

Offers hygiene, glamor and elegance

Along with its natural oils, it has silica which makes it dense enough to sustain hard blows of knives and yet remain soft to the blades. It is best for chef’s knives and do not blunt them into butter knives over the years. Teak butcher block countertop prevents molds and germs and provides a hygienic kitchen. Its honey gold color creates a pleasing visage and the cutting tool as well as the spacious countertop creates an iconic wood based kitchen. A picture-perfect wooden kitchen is an object of envy and flaunts your taste for aesthetics.

Available in sustainable form!

Whether you want extra large butcher block cutting board or a small, handy cutting board, teakwood fits in like nothing else. Most importantly, manufacturers like TeakCraftUS helps you build sustainable butcher block kitchen countertops by offering eco-friendly products. We source them from commercial Indonesian plantations, which replenish the cutting cycle by planting them for every tree cut. Ideal for people who love both, wooden furniture and nature.

Better than plastic, glass and other woods!

Plastic boards have a threat of instilling plastic molecules in the food chopped on them. Glass looks regal but blunts the knife blades. Unlike teak butcher block countertop, the glass one may develop cracks or break on being hit by heavy objects. Teakwood is highly competitive and mostly gets more votes for its versatility, unless you have a liking for other kind of woods. Therefore, it is a multipurpose wood that is most suitable for kitchen accessories including chopping boards.

Where to get best teak cutting boards?

TeakCraftUS is the place! We offer eco-friendly teakwood butcher blocks in varied designs and color. Our products come in different features that help you make the best choice. We offer manufacturing guarantee and even discounts, if you choose to buy teak cutting boards online. To sum up, visit our website and create your teak butcher block countertop now!