Top Three Reasons to Buy Teak Butcher Block Countertops

Teak butcher block countertops have been a rage since centuries. The hardwood of teak makes the block strong enough to sustain rough blows of the knife. Even the long-lasting caliber of the teak wood makes them ideal for cutting meat and yet remain sturdy for years. If you want to buy teak wood countertops then you must know a few things before the purchase.

Things you must know about butcher block kitchen countertops

It is definitely affordable!

Even though teak wood is considered a pricey substance, it is not the case with teak wood countertops. There are plenty of kitchen accessories that are available on a budget friendly price. Moreover, if you compare the lifespan of the kitchen tool and consider low maintenance then it certainly proves affordable when the price is stretched over the years.

You can also do the installation of teak butcher block countertop yourself, saving some quick bucks there as well. This makes it is a wise investment as teak wood remains the same for decades.

Teak wood countertops keep kitchen germ-free!

Teak wood has natural oils that keep germs, bacteria and micro-organisms away from the top layer of the countertop. This way, you can maintain high levels of hygiene in the kitchen. When absorbed in the top layer the bacteria get killed by the oil and therefore keeps the cooking safe.

Teak butcher block countertops demand maintenance!

Teak wood countertops will demand occasional clean up, drying and oiling routine. When you use it for cutting meat, it needs to be washed regularly to remove blood stains. You can get rid of the smell by rubbing the board with lemon and salt. In that sense, teak wood countertop is a mess free and easy to maintain kitchen accessory.

To sum up, teak butcher block kitchen countertops are definitely a good investment. They offer ease of use, complete comfort to clean and stay with you for many years. The robustness, utility and affordability are the reasons you can buy teak wood countertops. If you want to buy best teak butcher block countertops then TeakCraftUS is the right destination. We have a unique range of teak products available at truly cost-effective rates. For best discounts check them out on our website, order online and make some quick savings.