Why Teak Corner Shower Caddy is Best Fit for Bathroom?

Teak corner shower caddy is one of the best accessories for the bathroom. It keeps the shower area clean, organized and a lot more functional. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large shower space, the shower caddy would be the most useful unit of it. You can put shampoos, towels, soap bars and other essentials on it. A contemporary shower caddy with shelf will increase storage space in the bathroom. It would keep the space clutter-free, organized and a lot more appealing.

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Reasons to choose teak wood shower caddy:

Teak is naturally waterproof!

The oils present in teak wood repels water absorption. This makes it a perfect accessory to use in wet places like shower area. A teak corner shower caddy would remain mold and germ-free even when used for years in the bathroom.

Teak is easy to maintain!

There is minimal requirement of teak wood furniture care and maintenance. This is another reason why teak wood shower caddy is chosen by people who are busy or have kids. All you need is occasional washing, drying and oiling. Just make sure that you dry the caddy in good sunlight and it would be good to go.

Teak wood stays strong for life!

It is a well-known fact that teak has much higher shelf life when compared to any other type of wooden furniture. Being a hardwood, teak has a natural robustness, which is the basic requirement of a shower furniture. Bathroom furniture must be strong enough to stay in high moisture as well as remain germ-free even in heavy humid places. Teak furniture suffices all these requirements and therefore, it is an ideal choice for shower space.

Having said that, the honey brown colored teak wood shower caddy, be it in any form, shape or size, can not only serve the purpose but also accentuate the ambience of the place. Whether you go for Teak corner shower caddy or any contemporary wall mounted caddy, teak remains the same sturdy and stylish piece of furniture in the bathroom. If you want to add storage furniture in the shower area then teak wood shower caddy would be an ideal thing. TeakCraftUS offers a huge collection of contemporary shower caddy made of commercial Indonesian teak wood. Check it out on our website and enjoy shopping for great designs with big discounts.