Teak Wood Shower Mat Purchase Tips for First Time Buyers

How to buy the best teak wood shower mat for your bathroom? If you are toying around this question since long then let us help you out. First of all, teak wood mats are definitely the best investment as they are made of strong wood with long lasting capability. Apart from this, it depends on personal taste, design options, dimensions of the shower area, budget and a lot more. Let us jot down everything you need to know about buying these mats.

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Tips to buy teak bath inside shower mat:

Focus on the size of the mat!

It is important to check the size of the mat to create an efficient non slip shower flooring in the bathroom. The size should be in accordance with the overall bathroom area, neither too small nor too large. Disproportionate sized teak wood shower mat will spoil the appeal of the bathroom. Big mats will prick the eyes while small mats will not suffice the purpose of safety.

Safety is the main purpose of non-slip bath mats!

The basic function of teak wood shower mat is to create an anti-slip space inside the bathroom. Teak mats with rubber pads offer a non-slip area under the feet after taking shower. They are installed to keep accidents at bay so, do check whether the mat is fitted with anti-slip rubber pads or not. Rubber pads give good grip to the mat to help it stick to the floor.

Vents inside shower mat help in draining water!

Choose a design that offers complete drainage of water from the mat. You must select a mat with enough vents, holes or drainage slots to avoid wet and soggy feeling under the feet. Make sure that you choose a design with ample vents for proper drainage.

Non slip bath mats should be space saving!

The teak bath mat inside shower should be easy to store. Choose a foldable mat that can be easily kept outside the shower area or a small mat that can be easily lifted as well as cleaned on regular basis. Therefore, choose a size that is not very bulky to lift.

Custom teak wood shower mat to reflect your style!

Find a manufacturer who offers tailor-made teak wood shower mat that not only fits well in your bathroom but, also suits your sense of style. The mat should not only create a non-slip shower flooring but also match up to the décor of the bathroom. So, think about the layout or suggest a thoughtful design to the manufacturer.

The conclusion!

There is an array of things to consider while choosing the best teak shower mat. Design, dimensions, safety, drainage and the overall style of the mat can make or break the mood of the shower space. Therefore, it is important to consider all these aspects prior to the purchase of teak wood non slip bath mats. If you are looking for the finest teak wood inside shower mat then don’t forget to check our collection. We have a lot of products to help you create non slip shower flooring. When ordered online, you have a chance to grab some quick discounts as well. For more details, visit our website and contact our customer care team. Happy Shopping!!