Teak Wood Cutting Board Vs Acacia – A Fair Comparison!

Teak wood cutting board has been a classic choice, be it traditional royal kitchens or modern ones. The strong wood is famously used for kitchen countertops, butcher blocks, chopping assistance and more. Although, the finest of all, it is often compared with other woods like bamboo, acacia, etc. Today, we will check out the similarities and differences between teak and acacia, to help you choose the best for your home.

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Which one is better – teak cutting board or acacia board?

Both the woods are used for indoor and outdoor teak furniture. While Acacia is predominantly grown in Hawaiian Islands, North America; teak is native to Africa, Indonesia, Burma, and South America.

Comparison of teak wood cutting board with acacia:

Which board warps easily – teak or acacia cutting board?

Both teak and acacia board are rugged in nature. Teak due to its natural oils and acacia due to its high grain density. This makes them moisture resistant in many ways. However, few varieties of acacia tend to warp when exposed to water for a long time. Teak does not warp as its natural oils form a coating on the outer surface. Therefore, teak cutting board is a better choice for kitchens, which are prone to water.

Is teak edge grain cutting board suitable for knife blades?

Acacia wood has denser grains which makes it very hard. This cannot work in favor of chefs as some of these boards damage the sharpness of the knife blades. On the other hand, the natural oils present in teak makes it hard for water yet softer for the knives. You can use these boards for long without damaging the knives.

Which has better color options – teak wood cutting board or acacia board?

Well, acacia has lot more color options than teakwood. As there are thousands of varieties of these trees, they tend have more shades of color than teak. Acacia boards can range from lighter shades of brown to stubborn dark brown. If you like the honey brown color of teakwood, then choose accordingly. Both are available in diverse shapes and weights.

Which one is lighter – acacia or teak cutting board?

Due to the densely packed grains, Acacia is a tad bit heavier than teakwood. If you have elderly members with a penchant for wooden kitchen accessories, then teak chopping boards are a better option for them. For the rest, acacia boards are a game!

What is easier – teak cutting board care or acacia board maintenance?

Acacia boards demand regular oiling otherwise, they lose their color, charm and shape. This is not the case with teak, they are easy on maintenance. Once in a while washing with soap water, rinsing, sun drying and occasional oiling, will suffice.

Which one is cheaper – acacia board or teak wood cutting board?

Acacia board flaunts a lower price tag than that of teak. Teak is an expensive wood especially the sustainable ones, which follow the ‘grow one, if you cut one’ method. Modern manufacturers like TeakCraftUS offers them at huge discounts and an affordable price tag. If you want to own teak edge grain cutting board, we make it possible without emptying your pocket. Check how! You can check all kinds of teak furniture on our website. Select the favorite piece of chopping board and look for a discount option. Order to grab discount on the guaranteed product. Next, get it delivered for free, saving your shipping cost. That’s it! Rush and buy your teak furniture now!