How to Choose Teak Wood Shower Bench That Will Last

Teak shower bench is of great use provided you choose it wisely. A well selected teak bench will deck up your bathroom for decades. It will remain the same for years at length making you never regret the purchase. Contemporary shower bench comes in very many attractive designs, at times, minimal and modish but, durability is an aspect that cannot be missed at any cost.

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How to select teak wood shower bench that lasts long?

There are many varieties of teak wood, which includes Burma teak wood, Indonesian teak, African teak, South American teak, Indian teak, Thailand teak Brazilian teak wood and more. When you want the best teak shower bench, you need to look out for the grain density as well. Grain proximity says a lot about the longevity of the teak wood shower bench. Talking about the geography and grain density, Indonesian teak wood is one of the best for robust teak wood furniture.

Checklist to select modern shower bench:

Choose the best type of teak wood!

Choose teak shower bench made from Indonesian teak or Burma teak or other types that are popular for their grain density and tenacity. At TeakCraftUS, we offer a huge collection of contemporary shower bench made of commercial Indonesian teak, which is quite densely grained and makes up for the sturdiest teak furniture.  

Check the grain density!

Teak wood is strongest at the heart or center of the trunk. If the shower bench is made from the central part of any teak tree trunk, then it has highest grain density. As teak grains start scattering from center to the periphery, modern shower bench made from the central part would be strongest.

The wood needs to have natural oils!

Contemporary shower bench made out of teak wood with highest oil formation, is considered the best teak shower bench. The oils will keep the furniture last long and prevent microbial attacks. High oil content result in waterproof shower bench as well as keeps maintenance at bay.

Apart from all these natural factors, you need to check the manufacturer, their expertise and of course the craftsmanship. Go through their collection, guarantee and warehouse details. Find out if the teak shower bench manufacturer gives you tailor-made furniture or not. These are some of the check points to keep in mind while buying teak wood furniture. If you are looking for the best teak shower bench in USA or Canada then TeakCraftUS is an ideal place. We have our teak furniture warehouse where we make and customize all kinds of furniture including contemporary shower bench and a lot more. We offer all our products with absolute manufacturing guarantee. To keep things pocket-friendly, we offer free shipping as well as discount offers. To get all these benefits as well as grab quick discounts, check out our website and buy best teak shower bench NOW!!