Complete Guide to Clean Teak Shower Benches and Furniture

Teak shower benches are the best wooden furniture to accessorize your bathroom space. If you are worried about its maintenance then do not worry at all. In fact, teak furniture is normally very low on maintenance however, periodic clean ups and oiling is enough to keep its color and shine. Some simple steps followed quarterly or half yearly will keep the shower benches ‘fresh and young’ for years to come. Let us check out the step-by-step guide to teak furniture care.

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How to clean teak shower bench?

Step 1: Make some teak cleaner at home!

There are plenty of teak cleaners available in the market but a quick fix way is to make one of your own. Above all, its pretty simple and requires ingredients that are found in all functional homes. Simply, add half cup vinegar in half cup water and two tablespoons of detergent or dish wash soap. Mix it well and the home-made teak cleaner is ready for use.

Step 2: Apply it on the teak shower benches!

Next step to clean teak shower bench is to gently apply the home-made teak cleaner over it. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. If needed use a gentle brush or soft scrubber to get rid of the mold, if any. Make sure that you are tender with the teak furniture otherwise, scrubbing may result in scratches.

Step 3: Rinse the bench with clean water!

Once you have nicely rubbed the bench with soap water, just splash it with clean water. Clean teak shower bench nicely with a generous dose of water. A piece of advice here is not to use power wash as water may seep into the cracks when thrown with lot of pressure.

Step 4: Allow the teak shower benches to air dry!

Well, it would be great if the sun is around to help in quick drying of the teak furniture. Before letting it sit into the air or sun, it is advisable to wipe the extra water with a neat piece of cloth. If not, simply let it air dry for a couple of hours or overnight drying is also a great solution.

Step 5: Apply some teak oil over the dry furniture!

The most important step to maintain teak shower bench or teak furniture in general is to apply teak oil after its washed and dried. The oil helps to create a layer that combats any kind of mold formation of bacterial deposition on the teak wood furniture. It will turn out to be a game changer and keep the benches shiny for a long time. It supports the bench to retain its natural honey brown tone and keeps it good-looking over the years.

To sum it up, teak furniture care and maintenance is not a tough task at all. Whether its about teak shower benches, outdoor teak tables or indoor furniture, you can follow the same steps and keep away all kinds of molds, bacteria and dirt. If you are looking for the best teak furniture then TeakCraftUS is the best destination. You can check our website for our finest collection or visit our warehouse to check the designs and craftsmanship. We design custom teak shower furniture and create marvelous designs for all kinds of indoor and outdoor teak furnishings. We offer big discounts on our online orders so, don’t forget to grab them. For more details, just take a tour of our website!