Innovative Designs of Teak Shower Caddy for Stylish Bathrooms

Teak shower caddy is one of the finest investments for organizing and decorating your bathroom. It is the perfect addition for any size of bathroom, big or small, indoor or outdoor, simple or stylish. If you are planning to revamp your bathroom or want to bring some order in it, then invest in a wooden caddy made of teak and it would be the best decision. Teak being a strong wood, it will grant it long lifespan and even look great in the bathroom.

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What are the most fascinating designs of a teak bath caddy?

Corner caddies

Most of the traditional shower caddies are placed in corner area to make use of that empty space in the bathroom. Designed to create a pleasing sight, such caddies store bathroom essentials as well as adds decorative effect in the shower space. A minimalist teak shower caddy can be screwed in the corner areas to create storage for holding compact bathroom supplies like shampoos, shower gels and more. So, there are plenty of ways to use teakwood in the bathroom area.

Oval shaped wall mounted caddy

A unique shaped teak bath caddy that can be wall mounted to create ideal decoration and storage space. These are best for small bathrooms as they do not take up any floor space. Wall mounted caddies of different shapes are best for small bathrooms. Square are for modern bathrooms, round and oval give a traditional yet spunky look. Therefore, teak shower caddy in unique designs are eye catchers for the bathroom. They will add more glamor and fun to it.

Standing teak shower caddy

These designs are admired by a huge class of people who like to add a mystical element in the bathroom furniture. Standing caddies offer enough space to store vanity items. They can be used to store large items like towels, hand napkins, jewelry boxes and more. They create a single-space storage area within the bathroom. You can utilize them to their maximum capacity. They are a multipurpose furniture at affordable price.

Where to get teak shower caddy at affordable prices?

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