Five Effective Tips to Clean a Teak Cutting Board

Extra large cutting board comes with an apprehension and hassle faced to lift and shift it. These boards are huge in size and demands more effort to care than their contemporary small or medium sized teak cutting board. Well, above all, they are a really cool kitchen accessory which not only offers great utility, but adds to the vanity element as well.

Wooden chopping boards are eye pleasers because of their color, texture and appearance that simply uplifts an otherwise pale kitchen countertop. Now, how to clean and care teak cutting board is the question that needs to be answered. This is for all who want long lasting, evergreen teak chopping boards in their kitchen.

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Stepwise teak cutting board clean & care routine:

Regular washing with water

Whether you have a cutting board with juice groove or a simple flat chopping block, you need to wash it daily to keep it hygienic. Simply rinse with water and let it air dry, preferably keep it overnight to ensure that the board is completely dry and ready to use. This is when you are using it to cut fruits and veggies. When used to cut or mince raw meat, the board should be cleaned with soap and water.

Washing with detergent and soap water

Again, irrespective of a 24 inch cutting board or a small board, it demands cleaning on frequent basis. All you can do is dilute one bottle lid of dish washing detergent in some water. Rub it with scrub on the whole board, rinse with clean water and allow it to air dry. You can also spray white vinegar over the board to sanitize it. This method not only cleanses the board, but also makes it odor-free. Make sure that you wash as well as sanitize both sides of the teak cutting board.

For a smell proof butcher block cutting board

First thing is to rub the entire board with a good amount of lemon juice. Now sprinkle a generous amount of kosher salt over it. Rub salt all over the board with the lemon peel and let it dry for a while. Once it’s dry, scrap off the salt from the board with spatula or bench paper and rinse it well with water. Again, let the extra large cutting board dry well for a fresh looking and smelling board.

Stain free teak cutting board through baking soda

When you love to cut raw meat which creates blood stains on the board or simply tired of beetroot stains on the board, baking soda comes as a savior. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stain, add a little water until it is of paste-like consistency. Scrub this nicely on the stain and wash it off. That’s it! The stain would be gone. Now, air dry and oil the board with a flavour free oil.

Oiling the teak cutting board is a must

Once your extra large cutting board is completely dry, you need to apply a coating of teak oil or any oil recommended by the manufacturer. You can recoat ones the first layer is completely absorbed by the teak chopping board. Oil until the board no longer absorbs the oil as that is a sign when the board is totally saturated.

A brownie tip!

Sand paper is enough to scrap off the slits and deep cuts over any sized butcher block cutting boards. The sand paper will smooth out the gauges, sand in the direction of the grid and even out the entire surface. Nicely sand it off and then wash it off and oil the board for a smooth, clean board. It works even for a wooden cutting board with juice groove. Well, to buy a new teak cutting board, rely on TeakCraftUS. We have a good-looking collection of these boards. Just check our website, choose and order the best for your home!