Care and Maintenance of Outdoor Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture can accentuate the look of your garden. It can bring in some real aristocracy in the patio or outdoor BBQ place. Whether it’s teak folding arm chairs, dining table, benches or end tables, teak can add a royal look to the space. However, people are still skeptical about placing wooden furniture in the outdoors. They feel the wood would rot over a period of time but, teak is certainly an exception. All you need to do is follow some steps of teak wood furniture care and maintenance.

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Stepwise guide to outdoor teak wood furniture care:

Simply wash with dish soap and rinse!

The easiest way is to make a solution of dish washer detergent soap and water. Now, rub this solution over the furniture and rinse with clean water. Dry it in the sun if possible or air dry it for a few days till the teak outdoor furniture is completely dry. An annual clean up is enough for outdoor teak wood furniture but, if you find that it is losing its color then do it twice a year.

Remove stains with lemon or vinegar water!

If the teak outdoor furniture gets stained due to any reason, then the best way to resolve it is by applying lemon juice and salt paste. You can also use vinegar instead of lemon juice. Make a thick paste of these two substances and apply gently on the stain. Let it dry for a while and then scrap off the salt and clean the furniture with wet rag. Allow it to air dry for a few hours and the stain would be gone. This works well for all kind of furniture, be it a small sized teak square end table or a huge dining table.

Apply teak wood oils to prevent molds!

You may rarely find mold formation on your teak folding arm chairs or benches or side tables. Teak is mold resistant wood as it has its own natural oils within but, heavy rains or snow may result in mold. For this, you should clean the mold by rubbing sand paper. Once sanding is done, apply teak oils over the furniture. When these additional oils are applied at intervals of two-three months then you will be easily able to maintain the texture of the outdoor teak wood furniture. To conclude, teak outdoor furniture care is quite simple. All you need to keep in mind is that you maintain things consistently. If you are looking for the best outdoor teak wood furniture then we have a huge collection offered at big discounts. Just check out our website, choose your favorite piece and adorn the outdoor area of your home, office, swimming pool or lounge. We promise quality at best prices ever. All the best!