Best material for shower bench? – Check how teak is a shower bench topper!

Shower benches are meant to give absolute comfort! Whether you are young or old, benches in the bathroom give that extra relaxation while bathing. You can sit on them or even store bathroom accessories if you have shower benches with shelves. It is a very good add-on for the bathroom and often makes it look stylish if you choose a good-looking bench for the bath. Amongst the many choices of marble, granite, tile, quartz and wood, teakwood shower benches capture the topmost position since ages.

Why teak is best for shower benches?

Well, wood has been a favorite choice for furniture and shower benches are no exception. Moreover, teak is the strongest wood for wet conditions, which makes it highly competent material for bathroom furniture. Handcrafted teak bench is considered a rage as it cannot only withstand all weather conditions but also stays strong for years at length. Teak oozes natural oils which create a coating over the bench. This makes it repulsive to moisture and suitable for shower areas.

Secondly, with its high-density, teakwood proves to be the best solid surface shower bench. With built-in granular character and low porosity, teakwood makes way for rugged shower furniture. It does not retain moisture and is easy to clean. Water marks can be easily cleaned by cleaning teak shower benches with soap. Therefore, teak is easy to maintain as well.

Most importantly, there are rare chances of cracks and abrasions with contemporary teak shower benches. This is because, the woods are sourced from highly dense trees and even coated with teak tree oil to retain the finish. So, if you have a handcrafted teak bench, just relax as it will remain the same attractive piece for years.

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Teak proves to be complete value for money. Even though you might find many affordable options while thinking about shower bench ideas, teakwood is the finest investment. It may sound expensive in the beginning but considering its durability, shelf life and low maintenance, it actually comes up as a low-cost bathroom furniture. With all these benefits of teak shower benches, they are made to keep. Invest in an eye pleasing teak bench and relax for a lifetime. If you are planning to buy teakwood shower bench, do check our collection for the best design ever.