A Specific Guide to Choosing the Best Teak Shower Stool

A classy teak shower stool can capture any eye that visits the bathroom. The idea behind shower benches is to create a heighted sitting space that is comfy for anyone with mobility issues. Also, bathroom being a wet space needs furniture that repels fungus as well as germs of any kind. Therefore, one needs to choose waterproof teak wooden shower stool that prevents deposition of bacteria and germs. Selecting shower benches is a task!

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Find here, a complete guide to choose modern teak shower bench that works for one and all.

How to choose the best teak shower stool?

Prioritize wood quality

Teak shower stool is available in many varieties due to the different types of teak wood. As of now, Indonesian teak wood is considered best for commercial usage as the government ensures recycling of these plantations. This helps manufacturers to get best quality of wood without harming the nature. Therefore, it’s best if you prefer eco-friendly teak wood furniture over other forms of wooden furniture.

Choose elegant benches for design charm

If you like to create a minimal space then go for modern teak shower stool that is precise in design with no intricate designs. For those who like to create an elegant shower space, it’s ideal to choose teak corner shower stool with intricate design and antique feel. Choose a design that matches the overall ambience to add utility along with vanity.

Check sturdiness for longer lifespan

Whether it is teak corner shower stool or a bench that can be laid anywhere in the bathroom, teak wood promises to stay for the longest time possible. Teak wood with its water repelling property, is immune to cracking and warping. Ask for waterproof teak wooden shower stool, which creates a hygienic bathing place by absorbing the germs that exist over the top layer of the bench. Moreover, the stool can be easily cleaned by following few steps of teak furniture care and maintenance.

Choose color to suit the overall ambience

The best part of teak shower stool is its natural earthy color. The hues of teak wood furniture generate a soothing setting that relaxes the mind. The honey brown color of the wood works well in traditional and modish places. This is the reason modern teak shower stool are used in spas and luxury hotels. Choose the brown that goes well with the overall color scheme of your house.

Calculate the price and maintenance expense

Teak shower stool is one of the best investments as the price can be easily spread across the year that the bench lasts for. This easily takes away the burden of an expensive bet. Moreover, the teak furniture care and maintenance needs little expense, which makes it totally affordable.

Checklist of pros of teak shower stool:

Gives the luxury of sitting while bathing!

Anyone who has a penchant of buying classy furniture will love regular or teak corner shower stool as the furniture creates an ambience of luxury in the bathroom. Apart from this, the bench gives the comfort of sitting while bathing, which might be a need for many especially the elderly members or those facing mobility issues.

Withstands all weather conditions!

Teak wood can bare any harsh weather condition including heavy sun, chilling winter or heavy rains. Whether it’s outdoor teak wood furniture or indoor shower benches, the wood is naturally resistant to weather changes that occur every year. This makes it suitable for one and all.

Teak shower benches with shelf are good for storage!

One more utility that best teak shower stool offers is that they are designed with shelves. This makes it highly useful in the bathroom area especially for storing towels and bathroom essentials.

Cons of modern teak shower stool:

The color of teak wood shower bench may change!

Teak wood has a tendency to change color over a period of time. There are chances that your honey brown teak bench may turn into grey color due to over exposure to water and sun. However, it still remains robust and looks stylish, which compensates for the flaw. With all these parameters in mind, choose teak shower stool that suits all your requirements. TeakCraftUS offers the best collection of shower benches, check them on our website now!