Top 9 Teak Shower Benches for Home Spa, Bathroom and Under Water

Modern teak shower bench can make or break the ambience of the bathroom, spa or outdoor shower. With artistically engineered designs these benches can actually amplify the look and feel of the place. Talking about some of the best waterproof corner shower benches, we present a few landmark pieces that will surely enhance any shower space.

  • The ESKE, Teak Shower Bench 24 Inch

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  • teak corner shower bench for storage - TeakCraftUS

    The RA, Teak Corner Shower Bench

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  • The RANDI, Teak Wood Shower Bench 18 Inch

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Following are the top choices of wooden teak bathroom bench:

The ESKE teak shower bench 24 inch

The rectangular bench with shelf underneath is a perfect choice for anyone looking for simple bench with ease of utility. The 24-inch length makes it perfectly comfortable for any sized people. It is one classic example of handcrafted 24 inch teak shower stool that works well for all households.

The HERMOD teak shower bench 21 inch

The curvy 21 inch shower bench with nicely arched edges makes this bench a convenient option for one and all. With adjustable feet and levelling rubber feet, the bench looks elegant and classy. Made of eco-friendly wood, it is truly made for those who love nature.

The FREYA teak shower bench with shelf, 30 inch

Made of Indonesian teakwood, this modern teak shower bench is another name for luxury. The anti-slip top surface makes way for relaxed seating and works well for bathing. The shelf gives good storage space for bathroom essentials.

The LIV teak shower bench 30 inch

This premium grade bench creates sleek seating surface with ample storage in the shelf. Again, padded with rubber levellers, the bench will not scratch the bathroom floor. Easy to pick up, the wooden shower bench is ideal for children, adults and elderly.

The LOKI teak corner bench with basket

This one is an answer to a waterproof corner shower bench that is modish, unique in design and long lasting. Nicely curved design of the bench sets a benchmark for corner shower stools. Again, easy to carry and move anywhere, this one can blend with living room furniture as well.

The RA, teak corner shower bench

With hexagonal design, the bench represents an atypical, novel furniture idea. It looks stunning and offers nice seat plus shelf to store shampoos and shower essentials. Easy to wipe and clean, this wooden teak bathroom bench is a show stopper for designer bathroom furniture.

The RANDI, teak wood shower bench, 18 inch

With minimalist yet modern design, this cute bench adds charm to any bathroom space. Meant for amenities, this handcrafted teak shower stool has small storage area underneath. Made from eco-friendly wood, the bench is sturdy, naturally beautiful and distinctive. A complete value for money, the stylish bench easily fits in small shower spaces.

The SAGA, teak corner shower bench

Best for indoor and outdoor shower areas, the corner stool can be placed anywhere to add glamor to that space. With nicely crafted edges, this waterproof teak corner bench can decorate small bathrooms, combined well with living room furniture and even works well to hold drinks around the swimming pool.

The TORI, teak wood shower bench

Made with a minimalist approach and harvested from recyclable teak wood plantations, this modern teak shower bench offers zen like tranquil visage. Easy to carry and place anywhere in the house or in the garden, the bench doubles as indoor and outdoor shower furniture. With rubber gripping and adjustable height, it can be useful for people with different sizes and heights. Ideal for family, couples, singles and elderly, the wooden shower bench is a fashionable addition for any bathroom. All the above benches are available at TeakCraftUS, grab them online or from its warehouse. We are one of the largest suppliers of teak wood furniture in the US. We are a reliable name for offering finest quality of teakwood furnishings. In addition, we offer manufacturing guarantee, discounts and free shipping on most of our products. Feel free to order any of these online or pay a visit to our walk-in warehouse and choose for yourself.