Top 4 Teak Shower Mats That Create Classy Bathroom Floors

Teak shower mat is the easiest way to adorn your bathroom with wooden flooring. If you are fond of rustic furniture and natural theme in the house, then these mats are just the right fit for your bathroom. Whether you are single, couple, elderly or one with family and kids, these mats are the perfect way to keep the members away from accidents on the slippery shower area.

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    The AREN, Teak Shower Mat Large 30 inch

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    The GRIM, Teak Shower Mat 23

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Check out top four custom teak shower mats:

The AREN, large teak shower mat, 30 inch

This spacious mat with large surface area is ideal for both, small and big bathrooms. With more drainage area and panels, the modern mat is stylish and suitable for all kinds of bathrooms. Made with premium quality Indonesian wood, the mat is definitely value for money. Equipped with rubber grips, this large teak shower mat is quite easy to lift and dry in the sun. With a minimalist design, this bathroom mat is easy to maintain, wash and oil.

The GRIM, Teak Shower mat 23 inch

This elegant yet sturdy custom teak shower mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor shower areas. Whether you want it to deck up the bathroom floor and embellish the swimming pool side space, it fits in everywhere. It has spacious grid between the wooden panels and therefore, best to drain extra water in a short span of time. With teakwood padding suitable for the feet, this eco-friendly mat is for the keeps. Investing in it is certainly a wise decision.

The HAGEN, teak shower mat 30 inch

With nicely curved edges, this beautiful looking teak bathroom mat is designed to perfection. The anti-slip, anti-germ and waterproof properties of the mat makes it the best piece of bathroom furniture. It can be placed anywhere – be it in the shower area, spa, sauna, deck or RV. With anti-slip rubber pads on the rear side, it will not move an inch on the floor. Best way to protect family members from bathroom accidents, the sturdy mat is a beauty with absolute utility element.

The TROY, Teak Shower Mat 23 inch

Another wonderful mat with curvy edges, sleek design and nice honey-brown tone, the TROY creates a smashing visual appeal. Easy on the feet, strong in the essence, this custom teak shower mat could be the best gift for friends and family. With zero slipping nature, this mat is ultimate piece of furniture to put your feet on after a quick shower. Made from Indonesian teakwood, this mat can be placed in the shower space, spa or near the pool. All these mats are available on TeakCraftUS. We are manufacturers and suppliers of premium grade teak wood furniture for homes, bathrooms, offices and spas. You can buy these bathroom mats from our warehouse or our website. We provide manufacturing guarantee on all our products so, be rest assured about the quality. If you are looking for some quick discounts, then check out these mats on our website and order now!