Tips & Tricks on How to Clean a Wooden Bath Mat?

Does wooden bath mat need extra cleaning and maintenance? Is that stopping you from investing in a charming yet sturdy bath mat made of excellent wood? Well, let us help you come out of this dilemma. Believe us or not, owning a wooden shower mat is a completely low maintenance thing. You can do it at your convenience without worrying about how make it look new, all the time.

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How to clean shower mat made of wood?

There is a simple formula to follow when it is about cleaning a wooden bath mat. You need to scrub off any dirt particles with a non-abrasive sponge. Use mild soap water to clean after scrubbing and then rinse off with normal water. Allow it to dry in the sun, if its summer. Or, align it adjacent to the wall or bathtub to dry with heater. Make sure that it dries well. That’s it!

How to clean a teak bath mat?

Teakwood has a special quality of repelling water that falls on its surface. This prevents mold formation over it so, cleaning it becomes easier. Here, you need to use mix a small amount of detergent, vinegar and water. Apply this solution over the bath mat and gently brush off any dirt over it. Rinse it well with normal temperature water, allow it to dry in the sun. Apply teak oil whenever needed.

For contemporary teakwood furniture that is placed outdoors, it is important to cover it with a porous cloth. This helps to prevent mold formation due to rain, snow or dew. It is an additional tip to care for teak furniture. Regularly wipe off the dust that accumulates over the surface. Check the screws and fix the lose ones. Color or polish whenever required.

How to clean a bamboo wooden bath mat?

Again, the steps are basic! Dusting on a weekly basis is enough to begin with. Wipe off the surface with a damp cloth, to clean up spots of any kind. Use mild cleanser or soap water occasionally to remove extra dirt from the surface. Scrub without applying any force and rinse well with water. Bamboo can swell due to extra water so, make sure to dry it immediately after wash.

Sun drying is the best way to go about it. In winters, keep the mat near the heater for few hours. Apply linseed oil to prevent it from being brittle due to over exposure to radiators. For soft bamboo wooden shower mat, following the instructions on the product manual, would be enough.

Where to buy the best teak bath mat?

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